WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – Increase Site Speed To 500%?

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review – How To Increase Your Site Speed By Up To 500%?

See for yourself what speed of my site has become after I used WP Toolkit Optimiser on it.

WP Optimiser Review Solved

Yes, you yourself can check it on the Google PageSpeed Insights >

Slow loading pages KILL conversions, increases your bounce rates and cost you more in ad spend.

According to Kissmetrics if your site takes 3+ seconds to load you lose 50%+ of traffic & at 20+ seconds you lose 95%+ of traffic…

Current WordPress optmisation products do half a job…

I mean they don’t tell you if you are having problems with your host, you have no idea if your themes/plugins are slowing your site down.

Fact is most WordPress users never optimise graphics, so many sites are carrying a huge amount of dead weight.

WP Optimiser PreviewThat’s a serious problem specially for the 52% of mobile users on slower connections.

Now more than ever your sites have to be fast as people are impatient…

What makes matters worse current optimisation products focus on cleaning your database or on caching which is cool but they all ignore the bigger problems.

In fact a good optimisation tool should help with these problems and the new WordPress plugin WP Toolkit Optimiser is just this tool.

What problems do WP Toolkit Optimiser solve?

Problem #1 – Hosting – Poor Global Connectivity Slows Down Your Site.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time.

Problem #2 – Server – Poor Config & Inadequate Hosting Plans Cause Issues.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser diagnoses server config issues in real time.

Problem #3 – Plugins & Themes – Cause Load Speed Issues.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser tests theme & plugin load speed in real time.

Problem #4 – Un-Optimized GFX – kill load speed & eat bandwidth.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser does lossless optimisation of site graphics.

Problem #5 – Bloated Databases – Thrash Your Server’s Processor.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser does an advanced junk clean-up.

Problem #6 – Long Pages – kill load speed and eat more server resources.

FIX – WP Toolkit Optimiser allows users to enable lazy load on any page they wish.

In fact it’s the only tool on the market that helps you do this – it’s a must have for any WordPress user.

This product is currently on sale 25% off and you’ll find an earlybird coupon on page if you are quick.

What features have WP Toolkit Optimiser?

It Covers The 6 Biggest Speed Factors With 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes

Web Connectivity Tests

This plugin does real time connection quality tests to USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up. This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware & bad server locations & poor peering arrangements at data centers.

Live Hosting Tests

Your site operates best in a good environment. To test this environment WP Toolkit Optimiser runs a series of checks on you RAM memory, PHP Memory, PHP settings. host settings & drive capacity. Where problems are found you’ll get recommendations about setting changes you can ask your host to implement.

Live Theme/Plugin Tests

WP Toolkit Optimiser runs load speed tests on your theme & compares this against the WordPress default theme. You’ll find that some themes you run will be slower by nature – thats OK. If the difference in speed is extreme you may consider using an alternative theme to improve your site performance.

Auto GFX Optimising

Graphics Optimiser works using Tinypng – one of the most respected graphics crunching services. It allows you to batch optimise all your existing graphics in one go & it auto optimises any new graphics you upload to your media library. The API allows you to crunch up to 500 images per month free…you can upgrade & pay for more or apply for more APIs as you need.

Database Scrubbing

Advanced database scrubber wipes post/page revisions, clears orphaned & meta data & clears your site’s trash making your database thinner. The advantage of running a thinner database is faster access times & less processor load. This has a secondary benefit of keeping your hosting cost low when your site traffic increases – a win-win for webmasters.

Lazy Load Images

This is not a new concept, it allows you to load your page images on demand instead of loading all the images for every visitor whether they scroll down your page or not.- this is especially useful for long landing pages or sales pages. The benefit of this is faster loading pages and better site performance when the site is under load.

You Can Instantly See What’s Slowing Down Your Site & Remove The Culprit Plugin Or Theme To Increase Speed

WP Optimiser Review 2

Instantly See And Decide Any Issues Your Site Configuration Issues & Global Connectivity Status

WP Optimiser Solved

Get Up To 80% Lossless Image Compression Batch Optimises Existing Images + Auto Optimses New Images

330×442 Image: Before 210Kb

wp optimiser example 1

330×442 Image: After 40Kb

wp optimiser example 2

Let’s compare WP Toolkit Optimiser with other similar tools

WP Optimiser Compare

I believe that you should check out WP Toolkit Optimiser while it is available at an early discounted price.

Q. Why Do I Need To Optimize?

A. Your site becomes cluttered with autosaved post revisions & plugin debris as you use it & 99% of users don’t optimize their graphics – this bloats your site & makes it slow .

Q. Why Can’t I Just Use Cache?

A. You can however, you should be using cache after optimisation. If you are just using cache, you are still loading your heavy site graphics & bloated site code.

Q. Do I Need to Pay to Optimise?

A. If you are an average user the answer is no – the allowance is 30 images per batch (500 images per month) – if you use more than this for you recommended the paid upgrade service which also does the compression faster.

Q. What is the best practice for WP Toolkit Optimiser?

A. You have to size your images to the maximum size required, ensure your theme is fully responsive. Never upload images directly from your camera.

Q. Why WP Toolkit Optimiser Make Site Monitoring?

A. Nothing is ever static on a web server so you never know when you are running close to your servers physical & software limits this affects your site performance which is why WP Toolkit Optimiser monitor this for you.

Q. Why not Include Cache?

A. On combo products many users enable the cache first & don’t carry out the essential maintenance so for all website owners recommended using separate cache products. Which is why developers built WP Toolkit Optimiser as a separate product.

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