What is content marketing? – BizTimes Milwaukee

Terms such as content marketing, brand journalism, native advertising and advertorial can be confusing. Aren’t they all the same? Definitely not. Knowing the difference can be the difference between a lackluster and successful marketing campaign. Let’s take a moment to define our terms.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, a content marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. 

Successful content marketing, through well-chosen articles, allows the reader to relate to the problem discussed and to see you as a thought leader and expert — someone who can offer a solution to them. The most important thing is content marketing is about your audience, it isn’t about you.

Brand journalism is about you — editorially-driven brand building. It is a unique blend of journalist and marketer, using a brand’s own resources to cultivate interesting stories that people actually want to read. Well done, it should increase a brand’s trust and influence.

Companies can thrive when readers choose to organically engage and share their brand’s original content. But it takes time to build a reputation and an audience.

One type of brand journalism is native advertising.

Native advertising refers to the use of paid advertising that matches the look and feel of the hosting media platform. Your “advertorial” (native advertising, or an ad in the form of an article) flows almost seamlessly within the platform. Native advertising has become common in magazines, newspapers and news websites. 

The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive to the media host. It offers advertising content without interrupting the flow of the site’s regular content.