Speedlir Review, Bonus, Discount – Boost Your Sales By 250%

Speedlir Review – Effortlessly boost your leads generation, sales, affiliate commissions, and Google rankings

Speedlir ReviewDid you know that with slow websites you can lose over a half of the number of buyers?

Or that you can boost your sales 2.5 times just by making your page load 2.4 second faster?

Click here to watch a video on how you can dramatically speed up both your wordpress pages and cloud affiliate pages.

Today’s internet users are the most impatient ever.

This is why Google said that 53% of people leave a page which takes a little longer than 3 seconds to load.

It means that with slow pages you can lose 53% of money, no matter if you sell your own products or get commissions from sales as an affiliate.

You can lose 53% of leads as well.

It means that, according to google, with fast pages you could more than double yours leads, sales and commissions.

In another case study, Cloudflare, the web performance company, reported that by speeding page load time from 5.7 seconds to 3.3 seconds the sales conversion increased about 250%.

It means that by speeding up the page by just 2.4 seconds with all other factors being unchanged, the website in case study produced 2.5 times more sales.

It is mind blowing if you think about how much money you could be losing just by having a 2.4 seconds slower website.

If that was not enough of a reason to speed up your pages, you should remember that the three of the top four SEO UX signals are page-speed-dependent, so google can dramatically lower the ranking of your page when it is slow.

New app Speelir, with the first-to-market revolutionary SPR “static” conversion technology dramatically speeds up & secures both the existing wordpress sites and the cloud affiliate pages with just a few clicks of your mouse.

What is Speedlir?

Speedlir is Revolutionary app that use the First-To-Market revolutionary SPR “Static” conversion tech which dramatically speeds up & secures the existing WordPress Sites, Hosted Affiliate Pages, and Traditional Websites. All With Just A Few Clicks.

Speedlir Give You

Speedlir Feature 1

SPR “static” conversion technology

Speedlir Feature 2

Dramatic Speed Increase

Speedlir Feature 3

Protection Against WordPress Security Holes

Speedlir Feature 4

Advanced DDoS attack protection

You will be able to skyrocket Leads Generation, Sales, Affiliate Commissions, And Google Rankings.

Speedlir even includes built-in lightning fast web hosting for converted clones of your sites and affiliate pages, with content delivered directly from 200 locations in 90 countries around the world to make it ever faster.

Speedlir is NOT a web or funnel builder. It is NOT a wordpress plugin either.

Instead, it is a cloud tool which can dramatically speed up and secure both your existing wordpress sites and cloud affiliate pages.

How does Speedlir work?

Below I will show you how easy and quick speedler is to use


Step 1: Add your website. Here you just enter the site url here in title i’ll just use test and your sub domain speedler test.


Then just click Next there you go Step 2 is to verify your ownership and you can do it either by file upload or custom page or code on the page.


After you verify you go to Step 3 to verify you just click the Verify button and you’re done.


So to convert your page from dynamic to static all you have to do is go to your page like this and this is a wordpress website a sample template.


Copy the url here as you see then paste your copied url here in the pages box then click Save.


It’ll take a little bit but you don’t have to do anything else just wait for the progress a few minutes and that’s it.

As you can see after processing is finished speedler gives you 2 urls, one is from the original website and the second is your brand new super fast super secure and protected speedler url which is used to show your page to your viewers.


That’s it nothing more to do super easy super fast and effective

With Speedlir you can keep using your wordpress like you always did, and let Speedlir take care of both delivering your pages to the viewers at lightning speed and securing them against all wordpress security holes.

Lightning fast pages allow you to get more leads, sales, and affiliates commission with Speedlir doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Charge $100 to $400 Per GIG

Sales and promotions are the lifeblood of every business, so businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all need to have lightning fast, secure, and protected against attacks web pages so they can sell their products and services.

Speedlir commercial can help you cash in on the fact that most businesses do not have in-house professionals who can convert dynamic websites to static, and instead they hire freelancers, and pay for their services.

As just one example, a Fiverr freelancer named appernetic charges $100 for converting 2 dynamic pages to static pages, for 8 pages conversion he charges $400.

It means that you could charge $100 to $400 for a simple gig on fiverr for a few minutes of work.

There are many more people on fiverr and upwork selling similar services with the track records publicly reported.

While it is cool to charge $100 to $400 for static conversion on Fiverr with all the heavy lifting done by Speedlir, there is an even bigger opportunity to do that for both online and local businesses.

Check out these fast action bonuses



NOTE: This fast action bonus is available only for the period of launch.


All bonuses you’ll get in your WarriorPlus account

More about Speedlir:


Google says that 53% of people on mobile devices leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Cloudflare study shows the conversion increase by about 250% by a page speed boost from 5.7 seconds to 3.3 Seconds.

It means that just speeding a page by 2.4 seconds with all other factors being the same makes 2.5 more money for the seller.

Three of the top four SEO UX signals are page-speed-dependent and google dramatically lowers ranking of slow pages.

Problem 1 – Slow Speed

Because wordpress pages are dynamic, there are numerous database calls for the web page to be rendered for the viewer.

It means that it takes a lot of time to get information from the database, organize and then render the page so it can be properly displayed.

The similar problem exists with most cloud hosted affiliate pages.

To render customized cloud based affiliate pages, the app must first read the page customization info, including the affiliate link, from the database and only then it can render the page for display.

Problem 2 – Security:

There are a number of WordPress vulnerabilities such as cross-script and SQL injection even without any plugins at all.

Practically every wordpress website uses multiple plugins.

Those plugins add security holes, which hackers can use to break in.

It gets worse with every plugin added, because the entire wordpress website security depends on the weakest plugins.

It means that it takes just one plugin with single security for hackers to destroy the wordpress based website.

The Internet is full of horror wordpress hacking stories.

We tell people – Do not become one of those horror stories.

Problem 3 – Performance under traffic spikes

Because wordpress sites and cloud affiliate page apps get the info to render pages from the database, there is a severe limitation to the amount of traffic, which regular wordpress sites can take.

This is the reason why wordpress websites go down under moderate traffic spikes on typical share web hosting.

Similar traffic spike performance problems exist with cloud affiliates page apps, where often thousands of people share the same app to render affiliate pages.

It means that traffic spikes from just one of numerous users of a specific affiliate page app, can slow this page to crawl or even take it down completely.

Why do you need Speedlir?

SPEED: SPR “Static” conversion tech pre-renders any page so there is no need for databases or any app for the page to display.

Plus with content delivered from 194 locations in 90 countries around the world it makes the page loading speed lightning fast.

SECURITY: After SPR “Static” page conversion there is no database or code, so there is nothing to hack or exploit.

PERFORMANCE UNDER TRAFFIC SPIKE: Since web pages are pre-rendered and cached at 194 locations in 90 countries, they can handle massive traffic and DDOS attacks.

Speedlir Review

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