Social Content Locker for WordPress

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Low cost Viral Social WordPress plugin. Allows search engine crawler/bot to index your locked pages – But this will restrict humans to like, tweet or g+ to unlock the content.

Lock any content you want e.g. Text, Video , Image etc

ShortCode Example

[SocialLocker text=’Further reading is locked! To read the second paragraph, like, tweet or G+ to unlock it’] Please your locked content here which you want to lock until like, tweet, or Google+

You need to follow the simple WordPress ShortCode syntax listed above and that’s all.

Do you want to promote your site/blog? This will help you in spreading the word socially! It only locks the content of post for human. Thus, gives you ability to add your blog post to search engine with actual content so that you get full SEO juice. Exclusive wordpress plugin.

  • Separate Example for each social Network
  • New: Locks entire blog post of particular portion of the post
  • New: Ability to lock particular blog posts so that every blog posts should not be locked
  • Secure URL hashing
  • Bot/Cralwer Friendly – Search engine will always see unlocked content (SEO Friendliness)
  • Ease of Integration


  • v1.0 – Initial release
  • v1.1 – Short code based locking – Ability to lock entire post or particular portion of the post
  • v1.2 – Ability to set custom tweet text regardless of blog post title.

PHP Version

Social Content Locker for WordPress - 1


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