ShopZPresso Review | Brand New 3-In-1 MegaStore From ShopZPresso

ShopZPresso Review | Brand New 3-In-1 MegaStore From ShopZPresso

ShopZPresso Review abd Bonus — Sell anything from one store, ShopZPresso is a 3 in 1 mega store builder

Here is your 3 Step plan [free gift from me to you] To make your first $500 online!

Step-1: list physical, digital or license products. Using your ShopZPresso MegaStore You are free to sell anything there. All 3 kinds Of products. Whether yours or someone Elses.

Step-2: Drive free search engine traffic Or hot buyer traffic from affiliates. Using built in SEO and Affiliate program On ShopZPresso MegaStore.

Step-3: Make more and make recurring Profits by letting other vendors pay you Subscription fees for selling their products On your ShopZPresso Megastore.

Step-4: Relax and enjoy life!

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Over the last few weeks, they have seen some crazy changes in the world. The entire world is in a lockdown. People are rarely leaving their homes. Over 3 million people are affected and the numbers are still growing. This terrible virus has got us all in a crazy situation and it will take a while before it gets better. BUT — while people can’t go out to buy stuff for themselves. The things they want to buy are coming to them. YES — Online Shopping Is blowing up right now!

Amazon has declared to hire more than 100,000 workers just to be able to fulfill the orders they are getting.

It’s not just Amazon — every online store in the world is getting more and more sales every single day. With all the physical stores shut down — all the online stores are getting 10x more traffic now. If there was a time to start an online MegaStore. IT’S NOW!

That’s Why They Created The Most Amazing Megastore Creator Software For You. Imagine combining together Shopify, Amazon, Envato and Clickbank into ONE system.

YES — that’s what they did, they took the BEST of all those platforms and put it all together into ONE software.

What Is ShopZPresso?

ShopZPresso is the World’s First 3-in-1 Online MegaStore Creator that combines Physical Products, Software Products and Licenses + Affiliate Marketing into ONE.

First of it’s kind — never seen before A MEGA 3-in-1 MegaStore BUILDER that allows you to sell Physical, Digital and even virtual products all from the SAME MegaStore.

Here’s What Some Early Users & PRO Marketers SAY ABOUT SHOPZPRESSO…

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How Your New ShopZPresso MegaStore Will Look

What Features ShopZPresso Have?


Launch Your Brand New MegaStore In Just 60 Seconds

ShopZPresso is really fast and easy to setup.

So easy that it takes less than 60 seconds from uploading this to your site to having a LIVE MegaStore.
Sell THOUSANDS Of Products From One Single MegaStore
Platforms like Shopify or Clickbank limit you to how many products you can have in your MegaStore or charge you per product, with ShopZpresso you can have THOUSANDS of products in your MegaStore at no extra cost.

Sell Physical Products, Digital Products And Software Licenses

This is very very unique, no other MegaStore builder does this — you can sell physical, software and digital products all from ONE MegaStore.
Built In Affiliate Program For Your MegaStore Just Like Amazon
ShopZPresso comes with a fully built-in affiliate system just like Amazon where people can refer new customers & earn commissions by promoting your MegaStore to thousands of new visitors.

Get Unlimited Free Traffic From Your Visitors

With ShopZPresso, you don’t have to pay for traffic, all your visitors get a unique link to send you traffic and the system is designed to drive you free traffic over and over again.
Turn Every Customer Or Visitor
Into An Affiliate Easily
The built-in referral and affiliate system turns every customer into an affiliate giving them the chance to get paid for referring new buyers to you.

This is GOLD — getting buyer traffic for pennies and turning huge profits.

Automatic Sales Funnel Created For Every Product In Your MegaStore

Just like Amazon’s recommendation system, ShopZpresso comes with its own funnel system that instantly recommends other upsells and products people can buy as soon as they add one item into their cart.
Fully Responsive — Mobile Friendly MegaStore Design
With over 60% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, we made sure your online MegaStore is fully mobile ready and optimized for mobile traffic.

Comes With Amazing MegaStore Design Built For Conversions

Your online MegaStore is guaranteed to convert because it’s designed by traffic experts who know how to convert cold traffic into hot buyers.
Full Order Tracking System Built
Into Your Online MegaStore
Once your customers place their order, they can easily track the order themselves and get regular updates about order status.

Change Your MegaStore’s Color Scheme In Just 2 Clicks.

It’s extremely easy for you to customize the style of your site, change colors and make it match your brand style, just 2 clicks, that’s all you need.

Sell In Multiple Languages And Multiple Currencies

Whether you want to sell in USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, HKD or any other currency, your new online MegaStore supports many currencies and you can run your MegaStore in many different languages easily.

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Create Dynamic Coupons And Run Promotions

Want to run a black friday sale or a valentines day sale or have a special discount on Mother’s day?

You can do all that with the built in coupon & promotions system.
Social Login — Powered By
Facebook And Google
Make it one click easy for your visitors to login to your MegaStore and track their orders or place new orders — Facebook and Google 1-Click login system comes built into ShopZPresso.

Built In Product Rating And Review System

Your visitors and buyers can easily leave reviews and ratings on products, write testimonials and feedback — all built into ShopZPresso.
Product Inventory And
Stock Management
Track all your inventory from within your MegaStore admin area, show only products that are in stock and increase urgency by showing limited stock.

Multiple Payment Gateways — Paypal / Stripe & Many More

Your visitors and buyers can easily leave reviews and ratings on products, write testimonials and feedback — all built into ShopZPresso.
Instant Invoices Sent To
All Customers
No manual work or missed invoices, the MegaStore automatically sends invoices to all your customers with your MegaStore branding.

Automatic SEO For All Products On Your MegaStore

Get unlimited free traffic from Google and other search engines to all your products because all products are automatically SEO optimized for their product names, title and content/description.
Real Time Notifications Of Sales
In Admin Panel
Get instant alerts and notifications as you make sales, see them in your admin area and also get them on email to check on your mobile phone.

Built-In Tax Calculation And Shipping Charge System

Selling to different states and countries needs a smarter system that can calculate for variable shipping and taxation, ShopZPresso has all that built into it so you never have to worry about it.
Product Collections & Categories
You can easily organize all your products into unlimited categories & create collections to promote products by similar brands or designers etc.

Run Deals And Flash Sales On Your MegaStore

Run special promotions, deals, flash sales for events or any other special offers to bring more sales and double your revenue with this.
Add Multiple Product Images
And Videos To Listings
Convert and sell more by adding multiple images and videos to your products so visitors can get more info on what they are buying.

Product Filtering And Search Suggestions

Make it super easy for your visitors to find products, filter what they want and buy exactly what they need using smart search and filter methods.

WITH ALL THESE POWERFUL FEATURES COMBINED NO ONE Can Stop You From Launching Your Online MegaStore And Making A Massive Number Of Sales And Raking Home A Lot Of Money With ShopZPresso.

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Q: Will This Work On My Mac?

Absolutely — the software is 100% cloud-based so it runs perfectly on any operating system.

Q: I’m Already Making Online Profits — Why Do I Need This?

ShopZPresso offers a very fast, easy and cost-effective solution to creating multiple income streams. Adding additional cash flow helps ANY business, and this is the easiest way to do it.

Q: How Long Before I See Results?

This will vary based on the offers & niches you choose. You’ll be able to set up your Megastore within 60 seconds or less…You can upload the bulk product to your megastore in 1 click from the CSV file. MANY testers have seen 3+ figure daily profits within as little as 1–3 days after launching their funnels

Q: Is This Really Beginner Friendly?

It sure is. You’ve seen testimonials above from people with little or no experience, already making money with the software. You won’t need a website or any technical skills. Just follow the included directions and you’ll be on your way!

Q: How Can This Make Me Money?

ShopZPresso is the 3 in 1 platform where you can sell physical, digital and software licenses. It is a breakthrough technology that actually works on 3 levels to make you profits. First, it helps you build your own megastore. You can earn directly from direct sell and Secondly, you can make passive affiliate commissions by selling other products. It actively generates buyer traffic directly through affiliates, social media, and search engine optimization.

Q: Do I Have To Pay For Traffic?

Not a single penny! They’ve integrated the software with powerful through affiliates, social media platforms, and search engine optimization to get you all the free viral traffic you’ll need to make this work.

Get Instant Access To ShopZPresso $70 OFF >


Get Instant Access To ShopZPresso $70 OFF >



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