Magic Submitter Review – 2020’s New Google Ranking System is READY

Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter Review – Getting higher Google rankings just got exponentially easier

Alex Krulik Magic Submitter Creator

Alex Krulik

SEO brain, Alwex Krulik, just released an extremely powerful backlink building software that gets massive link diversity, which is the #1 thing that is REQUIRED to rank high in 2020.

He and his clients now have over 6,500 TOP Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings from using his software. And this is recent stuff… check out the results from the last couple months here >

Magic Submitter Preview

As you know, the SEO world has been turned upside down for the past, roughly, 1.5 years, as Google implemented their Panda and Penguin updates.

Almost all of the known “blast” methods of ranking your site in Google not only stopped working, but actually hurt your rankings.

And we’re not talking about super spammy methods of getting sites ranked highly in Google. We’re talking about foundational strategies that have worked for a decade, without fail.

Anyway… The past 1.5 years have been full of all types of “new” SEO services that promise top rankings, but can’t back it up with their results.

People end up buying them anyway, because… well, there just wasn’t anything out there that’s proven to work really well for the past 1.5 years.

Sure, some methods work fairly well, when combined with other methods, but overall, there was no longer that one “magic bullet” like there always had been in years past.

I know so many people that simply gave up on SEO and ended up losing their business, and everything they’d worked so hard for, for so many years.

OK, enough of the depressing talk.

Magic Submitter SoftwareToday, I want to tell you about something SEO expert, Alex Krulik has been testing for a LONG time and is as close as you can get to the good old “magic bullet” that used to exist prior to the Penguin and Panda updates.

His team has used this on tons of his sites, as well as several of their seo clients’ sites too. It’s tested and it’s 100% proven to work if you use it the right way.

For example, one of their clients, did the following to rank #3 in Google for his keywords after just 4 days:

  • Created a web page with the basic on page seo factors (nothing special)
  • Drip fed links to his site from various web properties using Magic Submitter software, and didn’t even have to use their main keyword in any links
  • 4 days later, ranked at the top of Google!

Yes, I said, 4 days later!

The most important point in here is Daily Drip Feed and use a lot of platforms to build your links so that it will look natural in google eyes.

Basically, what I’m saying is, all he did was some basic on page optimization, set up his site’s linking strategy with Magic Submitter system, and that’s it!

Can they guarantee this will happen every time? No, they obviously can’t guarantee results like this, but you’ll see some other awesome results from using their software here >

Matt and his team have created other SEO services and software programs, all which are top notch… and this is no different, except it’s brand new with twists that his other programs don’t offer!

With some of his other systems, he charges up to $997/month! SEO’s buy it because it works!

But Magic Submitter is built it to allow the average website owner (like you and me) to be able to afford and use the power their SEO knowledge and link building software can give people.

Let’s see what goes into Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter Software

Magic Submitter Software

State of the art Software that allows you to create and syndicate 1000’s of backlinks on autopilot. Submit your content to over 2000 sites.

FREE LIVE Coaching

Magic Submitter Coaching

Each month Magic Submitter team hold a FREE LIVE Coaching Call to answer all your questions and give you updates on the latest trends and strategies to dominating your market online.

FREE Interactive Forums

Magic Submitter Forums

Engage in Magic Submitter’s interactive forums where some of the worlds’ most talented and successful SEO Marketers interact.

FREE Video Training Vault

Magic Submitter Video Training

Magic Submitter have over 60 trainings on everything from Press Release marketing to Video optimization and everything in between. You have full access to all VIP and archived trainings.

FREE Software Updates

Magic Submitter Software Updates

You never have to worry about services that need updating because each month Magic Submitter provide you with new features, updates, and services to make sure your software is state of the art

FREE Support Desk

Magic Submitter Support Desk

Take advantage of Magic Submitter customer support desk to help make sure you can leverage the power of this system and services

This is what all of us SEOs have been waiting to be developed, post Panda and Penguin, and I’m so excited to be able to finally give my highest recommendation for this software!

Take a look at the video about the software here, and start rebuilding those top rankings.

The name of the game in Google is new quality content that people want to read. This content has to be properly distributed. Finally, the online community has to “vote” for the content, which is done through backlinking.

If you post an article on your blog and Google sees that 100 unique people link to your post; for example, they post on their blog something about your post and add a link to your post, then you are more likely to rank higher than a post with one or two backlinks.

The power of Magic Submitter is it will do all the posting you could ever want in a way that perfect mimics real human behaviour – on autopilot.

Here’s what you have to do if you wanted to do everything Magic Submitter does manually:

1) Create 100’s of account
2) Solve the Captchas
3) Verify the accounts
4) Spin your articles and posts. Make each piece of content 90% unique.
5) Submit each piece of content
6) Do it all at random times
7) Organize all the links
8) Write up reports (for yourself or your clients)

Oh, did I mention you would have to find blogs, article directories, social media sites, video sites (Yes! Magic Submitter submits videos), Forums, Micro Blogs, PDF sites (Yes! It submits PDF’s), Press Release sites, WordPress blogs, Bookmarking sites and more added each week.

All in all, you and a team of ten people couldn’t keep up to Magic Submitter.

“This software has helped me get my clients ranked and their phone rings a hundred times a week! The training on Magic Submitter is EXCELLENT”
~ Donnell Lowery

Now Magic Submitter is very easy to use, but as you can imagine with everything it does, everything Google looks for to prevent spam listings and all the changes the sites you want to submit to make, there is a lot to it.

The people behind Magic Submitter run bi-monthly coaching sessions on how to use Magic Submitter so that you get the most out of it. These trainings are live so you can ask any question you want. The trainings are archived so if you start tomorrow, there are videos covering all aspects of how to use Magic Submitter to receive the biggest bag for your dollar.

Go to Magic Submitter to learn more about how you can take your web sites to the top of Google.

For a limited time, the software is available for only $4.95 for the first month. There’s no excuse. Try it, see it send 1000′s of backlinks to your websites. If it doesn’t help you dominate your market online, then return it for a full refund.

But I know if you use Magic Submitter as we train you to for a full month, you’ll never use anything else to achieve your ranking goals. It’s that good!

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