Leicester lockdown: Your questions answered

Public health leads at Leicestershire County Council have told what we can/can’t do

Leicester lockdown

This time, Matt Hancock confirmed last night that Leicester would be the first British city to localize the local population.

Since then, there has been a lot of confusion as to what the hours ago might look like for those who live in the urban or district areas indicated on the map marked out this morning.

We know that schools will close and essential stores have not opened this morning, and now we also know that measures should not be reviewed until July 18.

LeicestershireLive also asked the Department of Health and Human Services and Public Health in England to answer readers’ questions, but has not yet received an answer.

But public health leaders at the Leicestershire County Council were able to help — that’s what they said.

I live behind the red line, but my nearest supermarket is outside the lock zone, can I go there?

Yes – a necessary journey for food.

My family lives outside the city and the affected areas, but I live within the red line, can I meet them? If so, where?

No – a non-essential trip

I have a vacation booked in England, but I live behind the red line, can I go? If not, will I be entitled to a refund?

No – an inconsequential trip. I would say yes for a refund, but it can be difficult, as it was during the holidays booked during the national “block”

I have booked airline tickets for two weeks to stay abroad and live in the city. Can i travel? Will I have to quarantine upon arrival?

No – an inconsequential trip. I would say yes for a refund, but it can be difficult, as it was during the holidays booked during the national “block”

I live in the district, but I need to go to a closed area to catch a train and go to work in another city. Can I still drive to work?

Yes – if the working form of the house is not an option.

I run a business in the affected area – will there be financial support available to me that I cannot open?

Chancellor announces local vacation for people previously eligible for vacation

Some of my employees live in a closed area – should they still go to work outside the red line?

Yes, a trip to work is necessary if work at home is not possible.

My children’s school is closing, but I work outside the affected area and cannot work at home, can my grandparents care for them?

If you live in the affected area, grandparents are not an option. If you are not a single parent – in this case you could create a support bubble with another household – if grandparents do not fall into the category of clinically vulnerable, they may be an option.

I care about a family member, do they live outside the city? Can I go to them?

If the person you care for is clinically vulnerable, then no, you cannot – if you both live on your own, you can create a support bubble.

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