How Increase Sales with Google Merchant Center in 2020

How Use Google Merchant Center To Increase Your Sales

Google Merchant Center is a service that allows you to upload product data for later use in Google Shopping, advertisements, and Google Search for online stores. Thanks to this service, users will see your product listing ads in Google search results.

This is a key tool for those who have an online business and those who want to increase online sales. It allows you to create the best advertisements for products, allowing them to be displayed individually in the “Shopping” section of Google search results.

Here’s an example of what the Google shopping section looks like when we enter “Jewelry” in the search:


As you know, this makes your product more visible, because the products appear above the usual Google search results.

If you haven’t yet used the Google Merchant Center or you have never heard of it, you will probably wonder: “Is it worth introducing another additional tool?” The author of the article claims that the Google Merchant Center is extremely useful and helps to do what Google Ads or Google My Business cannot do it on its own.

Your Actions When Working with Google Merchant Center

So, let’s see what benefits the Google Merchant Center provides to anyone who develops their business on the Internet.

One of the benefits you get from the Google Merchant Center is that it integrates with Google My Business profiles and pages. This way you can work with all your Google tools. To link two accounts together, they must have at least one account manager.

When you have control over your linked accounts, you can provide better control over all your marketing activities. Here’s a quick guide to help you link Google Ads with the Google Merchant Center.

In addition to linking your account with Google My Business, you can also integrate it with Google Ads and Analytics. In Google Ads, you can set up a shopping campaign so that your product’s information is visible in your ads. If you use your data feeds from Merchant Center in Google Ads (the data feed is a file with detailed information about your products), then you can create shopping campaigns, display campaigns with dynamic remarketing and other types of campaigns on their basis.

You can also link your account with Google Analytics to monitor traffic received in Google Ads Shopping (Google Shopping). By adding tracking codes to your products, you can see how they work. The combination of Google Analytics and Google Ads gives you a lot of information about where your traffic is coming from and how successful you are promoting your products.

Conventional remarketing is based on determining the audience using the parameters and indicators that appear in Google Analytics after enabling features for advertisers. Thanks to the usual remarketing, you can show ads to users who have already visited your site or downloaded your mobile application.

Dynamic remarketing allows you to collect additional information and more accurately determine the audience. Now you can show users ads for specific products and services that they have already viewed on your site. At the same time, the advertising message is adapted for the target audience, which helps to return visitors to the site and thus increase the number of potential customers and sales.

Positive customer reviews are an integral part of business success. Merchant Center makes it easy to get feedback from customers. It collects the ratings that customers give you and displays them on the Google Customer Reviews icon. You can find your rating on your Merchant Center account. Seller ratings are also shown in search and shopping ads. To add Google customer reviews to your site through your Merchant Center account, use the instructions.

There is also the possibility of creating special promotions for your products. When you create an advertising campaign, it adds the tag “Special offer” under your product. When the buyer moves the cursor over the text, the extended block explains in detail your offer. The following is an example of how it looks:


There are several types of promotion that you can implement. For example: free delivery, discounts, promotional codes.

Google published stories to show how online retailers are successfully using Google Merchant Center accounts. For example, Paper Culture showcased its designs using visual ads on Google Shopping. US-Mattress demonstrated how Google Shopping features helped them. Thanks to the use of shopping campaigns, they increased attendance by 30% and the average check by 10%. They also reduced advertising costs, increased return on investment and conversion.

The Google Merchant Center can give your business significant benefits. This is one of the first steps you need to take with automation to increase online sales. Do not neglect it in your marketing strategy.