Full review of Cyclone – The world’s first self perpetuating revenue system

Cyclone Review and Bonus – The world’s first self perpetuating revenue generator makes passive profits easier than ever before

Read this before you buy Cyclone by Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Al Cheeseman. In this honest review, I’m going to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about “the world’s first self perpetuating revenue app”.

Cyclone ReviewAnd I’m going to answer your first burning question:

Can Cyclone really make money or is it just another scam?

Let’s get into it…

What is Cyclone?

Cyclone is a functional, hands off, affiliate marketing automation platform. The software can generate affiliate marketing sales for you, automatically.

Cyclone handles…

  • Traffic generation
  • Automated follow-up email comms

From my experience, the biggest challenge that most affiliate marketers face is driving traffic. Driving traffic is typically very time consuming or expensive. The fact Cyclone removes this hurdle is incredibly impressive.

As well as that, Cyclone does the jobs of several software tools combined, but without any additional costs or integrations. For the newbie, technophobe or lazy marketer, this tool is ideal.

For those of you looking to add a bit more passive income or those looking to make your first affiliate sale, Cyclone will work well for you.

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Is Cyclone just another scam?

In short: Cyclone is not a scam.

I have been fortunate enough to see Cyclone in action and I can tell you that the software works. What Venkata, Mark and Al have done here is to automate some of the affiliate marketing procedures that they have used successfully in their own business.

The Cons

Cyclone claims to be “the world’s first self perpetuating revenue app” which insinuates that you do not have to do anything at all to keep making money.

While the ‘hands on’ work required is minimal, it’s not entirely true that the system is completely self perpetuating. As a user, you will be required to add affiliate links and activate revenue packs to keep this ‘ticking over’.

While Cyclone can most definitely make regular affiliate sales, thinking it will produce a job replacing income at the single touch of a button is probably overly optimistic. Cyclone is far more likely to produce a solid additional stream of income, rather than a completely hands off job replacing income.

In Summary…

Cyclone is a cutting edge ‘done for you’ software application.

Venkata, Mark and Al have pulled together all of their years of affiliate marketing experience to create a software that is ahead of the curve when it comes to automated passive income generation.

After demoing the software, I can confirm that it does make affiliate sales on autopilot and has the power to do so regularly.

However, I would look at the income claims of thousands of dollars per week as ‘best case’ rather than ‘typical’.

If you’re looking for the magic bullet, that will make you a millionaire by doing absolutely nothing, you’re probably seeking the impossible. However, if you’re looking for an ‘almost completely’ hands off software that will create additional passive income streams for you, Cyclone will work for you.

I’d strongly suggest you check out Cyclone now, before the price goes up. At present, you only need to make a couple of affiliate sales and you will already be making a profit!

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Is Cyclone truly a ‘world’s first’?

By definition, quite possibly. However I see the whole ‘self perpetuating’ is more of a marketing angle in my opinion. The reality is, this is a ‘done for you’ product that advances upon many others in the marketplace.

Is Cyclone going to make you 6 figures? I’d be sceptical. Will it make you some hands off affiliate commissions? Absolutely. If you’re looking to add another passive income stream to your artillery or simply make your first affiliate sale, Cyclone is definitely a tool you should consider.

Cyclone Proof

Real results of Cyclone software users

Cyclone is the all new online revenue generation methodology. And as additions, we added some bonuses to this product that will help you earn more and faster.

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List Builder

Cyclone will build you a list as it generates revenue for you… that’s what it does. But with this addition (no extra cost today) you can…
Export all Cyclone Generated Lists as a CSV so you can upload to your own Autoresponder whenever you like
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Cyclone User Jeff


“A lot of systems want to claim to be plug-n-play, 3 step simple, but most fail miserably. Cyclone is not one of those other guys. This system truly is 3 simple steps from your 1st time accessing it to running your 1st campaign! (Well add a few extra steps if you want to use your own AR, but you don’t have to.”


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