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CreateStudio Review – Create stopping videos for your own business or sell gorgeous videos to clients

Createstudio ReviewYou’ve probably never thought you could create videos that actually look like they were made by Pixar studios…

Until now, creating animations was only left for a select few of After effects experts…

Having to create each unique animation using a million keyframes and complex tools…

A new software called CreateStudio just released which combines the best of both animation worlds into one incredibly simple to use animation software.

If you’re a little bit savvy, you can create custom animations, and even adjust the easing of each animation. You can animate the position, size, opacity, rotation, colour, borders, shadows and more…

And if you’re like me…

You can simply select preset animations, preview them and in a click add that animation to any text, image or video!

What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is simply the BEST software I have seen come out in a number of years…

Not only can you create animated 2d & 3d character videos, but you can create literally ANY kind of video using done for you templates and assets.

Createstudio ReviewsBut what’s even more powerful than that?

You can also fully customise the templates, and even create custom videos yourself using a highly intuitive timeline editor, that enables you to add custom animations or even add 1-click animation presets to quickly animate anything!

You really need to see this in action as you’ll be blown away by what you can do with this software in your business.

And not to mention the quality of the characters & templates are second to NONE… Simply the best I have seen.

What features do you get inside CreateStudio?

Everything included with your purchase of CreateStudio Today!

Timeline Editor
Easily edit videos with our drag & drop timeline editor.

Unlimited Exports
Create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!

Text Typography
Create kinetic text typography videos and more.

Animation Presets
Easily animate anything with incredible 1-click animation presets.

Motion Builder
Quickly build videos with drag & drop scenes & assets.

Animated Elements
Create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!

15 Animated Characters
Create explainer styled videos with incredible animated characters.

Make great social videos with animated emojis.

Green Screen
Easily remove colours and edit green screen footage in just a click.

SVG Compatible
Import and animate SVG images and even adjust colours.

Create Masks
Add masks and animate elements inside and outside mask layers.

Shape Library
Access our entire vector based shape library and animate!

Training Videos
Easily learn how to create cool animations with simple tutorials.

Custom Animations
Easily create unique custom animations with any element.

Special Effects
Add special effects onto elements and customise quickly.

CreateStudio & Social Network Ads

The key to driving traffic & sales from Facebook & Instagram is creating ENGAGING content…

CreateStudio comes with pre-designed social media posts & ads that you can fully customise for your business in minutes!

And you can also instantly resize the video for all platforms and devices…

Whether you need a square video or a vertical video for mobile devices, you can make them all!

So if your video content is lacking that creative spark, then this is going to rock your video world and boost your social presence!

So do yourself the BIGGEST favour of the year and pick up your copy right away while the price is this low!

CreateStudio & Local Business

What if you could sign up 10 local businesses a month to your video services.

Being paid $500 from each local business to simply create and post videos.

You’d be making $5,000 simply to have fun creating cool videos.

Sounds good right…

With CreateStudio you can now create video ads, explainer videos, video posts and much more, inside the simple user interface.

And with the done-for-you templates available, you can simply add the businesses logo, details and have your videos done in just minutes!

So if you’ve ever considered helping local businesses, this software enables you to do it, and cash in on the ever growing demand for video creation services.

How does CreateStudio work?

Adding animations inside CreateStudio is as easy as just a click!

Animate any element with custom pre-made animations or create custom animations with keyframes on our simple to use timeline.

Create your own custom animations

Adding animations inside CreateStudio is as easy as just a click!

Animate any element with custom pre-made animations or create custom animations with keyframes on our simple to use timeline.

Animate SVG Images

You can also import SVG images into CreateStudio! This allows you to use pixel perfect vector based layers, which you can then instantly animate! And if your vectors are compound shapes, you can also change colours and add gradients! So many fun possibilities.

Gorgeous Animated Characters

Want to explain complex ideas in fun an engaging ways? Do it with our gorgeous animated characters! Select a character, choose an action and animate! It’s really that simple. No character rigging, or keyframes needed!

Green screen editing

Quickly & easily remove any background colour from both videos & images to create your own green screen videos. Works with any colour background.

Linear & Radial Gradients

Add stunning gradients to any shape or text layer to create incredible designs. You can also use the eye dropper tool to select colours from the canvas, as well as add colours to your favourites for quick access.

Group Elements

Group layers to keep your timeline nice and organised when working on bigger videos with many elements.

Mask Elements

Overlay videos and images on top of your text and shapes to create incredible looking visual content.

AND More…

Whether you want to make show stopping videos for your own business, that brand you as the authority in your niche, or you want to sell gorgeous videos to clients, you can do it all now for a fraction of what it’s worth.

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Does CreateStudio OTOs?

CreateStudio Desktop Software MacOS & Windows compatible

– All features
– 2 installs
– 15 characters
– 20 Animated backgrounds
– Green Screen editing
– SVG animation
– Unlimited videos

Personal/Non Profit License – $47
Commercial Use License – $67
After launch – $199 – $249

OTO1: All Access Pass (Templates, Characters & Assets) – $37/mo

– 500 templates (Entire template library)
– All access pass to thousands of animated elements inside MotionBuilder.
– 40 extra characters
– 100+ extra premium animation presets.

OTO2: Media Upgrade – $97

– Pixabay integration (1 click import)
– Unsplash integration (1 click import)
– Audio Library
– Custom created pro Sound effects library
– Text-to-speech creator

OTO3: Agency & VA Licenses

Agency License (60% OFF = $197)
(Usually $497)
– 6x additional licenses for team members

Virtual Assistant License (50% OFF = $97)
(Usually $197)
– 3 Additional Licenses
$97 & $197

CreateStudio Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this software a one time purchase?

Yes! Right now developers offering CreateStudio for just a super discounted one time payment. You won’t be charged again after this purchase to use the CreateStudio software and all the features advertised on this page..

Q: Which license is right for me?

For non-profit organisations, charities and churches, you may purchase our personal use license which allows you to make videos freely within your organisation.

If you are a business or entrepreneur and plan to use videos for commercial use, then the commercial license is the right one for your needs. Commercial content examples include (Video ads, social media content promoting a product or service, YouTube content creators leveraging the ads platform, videos to be used on websites or landing pages, and any other purposes that are intended to endorse a product or service.

Q: Can I sell these videos to businesses?

Yes! If you purchase the commercial license, you are free to create an unlimited number of videos for your own business and also for clients.

Q: Do you provide video tutorials?

Absolutely! You can check out our step-by-step video tutorials on our official YouTube channel. CreateStudio Official.

Q: How can I contact support?

You can either write to us via email at Alternatively, you can visit CreateStudio support desk at Here you will find a wide range of helpful resources, knowledge-base, as well as the option to submit a support ticket. Help desk is available 24/7, and CreateStudio endeavour to respond to each request within 24 hours. Due to the launch some responses may take longer.

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