Content Burger Review – Harness Power of all Content Types

Content Burger Review – Get Traffic, Leads, and Sales with the World’s #1 content discovery, planning, creation, analysis, and deep automation suite

A few days ago (it’s kinda above a week now), I got review access to the Content Burger software suite.

And based on the raving buzz about this new creation, I decided to do a critical review of the software – to either validate or discredit the buzz this “badboy” is getting all over the internet.

So, in this article, my aim is to give an unbiased and critical review of the Content Burger software suite.

First, I’ll do a detailed overview of the offer and all that it comes with plus the problem it solves, then I’ll give a highlight of all it’s features and tools.

Afterward, we’ll check out the true cost of the offer, the upsells (and if they complement the front end offer or not), then we’ll see who should take advantage of this offer. Then the pros, the cons and finally an overall verdict.

I believe this review article will help you make an informed purchase decision!

What is Content Burger?

Content Burger is a powerful content marketing and social media management platform that allows you Get Tons of Traffic, Leads, and Sales by leveraging the World’s #1 content discovery, planning, creation, analysis, and deep automation suite powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and big data.

Content Burger helps you discover the best performing content (videos, articles, GIF, Memes, Quotes, etc.) across the web, using keywords, domains, authors or hashtags, performance, and even engagement.

You’ll can compose your unique content using a world-class multi-channel composer that brings the entire web at the center of the editor which allows you to embed content from your favorite sources and find Articles, GIFs, Images, Quotes from across the web . . .

Plan and manage your entire Content Strategy.

A deep automation recipe which Auto-Discovers and Auto-Posts the Best Contents across all your channels and finally, analytics to help you analyze your content reports using meaningful insights to fine-tune your content marketing strategy.

So in a very few words…

“Content Burger gives you next-level content discovery, a multi-channel content composer, content planner, and deep automation recipe to auto-post the best performing content across all your social, blog and podcast channels . . . all under one roof.”

It creates and syndicates content in 4 easy steps:

1. Use the intuitive dashboard and composer to search for sources and create your post
2. Select which accounts you want to post the content to
3. Make any final customizations you desire
4. Publish immediately or use the powerful scheduler to automate your content delivery.

Watch Content Burger quick demo here >

What You Get Features Inside Content Burger?

Content Burger includes all the tools you need to centralize your content marketing operations for all the channels including blogs, social networks and, newsletters.

You will no longer experience a lack of data, email threads, spreadsheets, approval delays and, disconnected workflows.

Content Discovery

Discovery and Insights Powered by AI … plus ‘never seen before’ sorting to get only the Best Content.

Find the best contents (Articles, GIF, Images, Videos Quotes, Memes and topics and AI Quote Generator) in realtime; this features never-before seen search criteria on engagement, performance etc to find only the best content.

Powerful Search and Query Builder – Search for content by keywords, domains, authors or hashtags. For repetitive searches, create custom topics and use Boolean operators to build complex queries.

Find Only the Best Content – Find the top performing content with a trending score and past engagement data for each post. Increase your knowledge, influence and thought leadership by sharing the best content with your audience.

AI Generated Captions – For efficient content curation, Content Burger developers built the most advanced system that finds interesting pieces from the article and generates compelling and human readable captions for your social media posts.

Content Composer

A Composer that brings the Entire Web Content at the center of the Editor. Witness true composing power with Content Burger Multi-Channel Composer that allow you Embed content from your favorite sources and find Articles, GIFs, Images, Quotes from across the web.

The Composer that not only allows write and create contents but provides an easy real time search of content from multiple sources that they can simply drag and drop to the editor…

Drag & Drop Embed – It Provides an easy real time search of content from multiple sources that you can simply drag and drop to the editor…. Quickly embed articles, videos and images in a drag & drop manner from 9+ external sources.

Saved Hastags – No more wasting time on writing hashtags. Save as many hashtags as you like in groups and use them with a single click when creating posts.

Planner and Calendar

Manage your entire Content Strategy from one Place with Planner
Streamline your content workflow by collaborating with your team members and planning campaigns from an interactive calendar or list view.

Plan, approve, reject or schedule content for all your marketing channels from a single place and be in control of your content and social media strategy.

No more clunky spreadsheets with disconnected work-flows. Increase your productivity by running your entire marketing content from a single interface that connects all the moving pieces together.

Automation Recipes

Auto-Discover and Auto-Post the Best Contents. Step by step templates helps you set up various types of automation campaigns saving tons of time.

Get relevant & targeted content posted to your channels according to your own needs and settings. Advanced rules help in finding and planning content relevant to your industry or interests.

Keyword and Domain Filters – Select your keywords or domains to only pass the type of content you want to share with your audience. Those keywords and domains that cause irrelevant content posting can be added to the exclusion list for improved accuracy.

Advanced Filters for Targted Content – Quickly find and embed topic-relevant videos, images & GIFs in your posts by searching for engaging content across popular video and image sources.

Smart Suggestion – As soon as you start typing you get related keyword suggestions to further expand or limit your content. You can quickly exclude or include any of the suggested keywords with a single click.

Reviewable Automation – You can choose to Create, Set the Automation to be completely hands-free or set a Pre-Approval process for all curated contents thus giving you more flexibility

Analytics & Reporting

Meaningful Insights to fine tune your strategy. Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

1 Click Article to EBOOK CREATOR

Content Burger have added a 1 Click PDF Creator that allows all contents created in the Blog Editor to easily be exported to a downloadable ebook.

Simply Disover Content with Contentburger, Use the Slick Composer to beef up content further and then Turn into an EBOOK with One Click.

1 Click Article to Podcast

Now you can quickly turn your articles to Voice and easily share your stories to All the Major Podcast. So go beyond Social Media and start driving engagement via Podcasts.

Using state of the art AI, Contentburger creates the most human sounding voice in over 30+ languages. You can listen or read the latest news on Content Burger discover page.

Collaboration and Workspaces

Content Burger Built a System to Properly Manage Content Strategy using Workspace. So,Stay organized by working in different workspaces for different brands or clients.

With Colloboration Tools you can Invite your team and collaborate to keep everyone informed and share better content.

Image, Quote and Meme Creator

Compelling visuals are more important than ever and that’s where Content Burger image editor provides you with easy-to-use tools to apply filters, add effects, make adjustments, resize images and do a lot more.

Content Burger have a Built-in Native Image Designer with tonnes of templates and for the first a dedicated Meme and Quote Creator.

AND Much More You Can See At Launch Page >

See A Content Burger Demo Video

What Is Content Burger doing for you?

AI Content Intelligence – Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic.

Engagement Tracking – Quickly see how an external article from any website has performed on different social networks.

Intelligent UTM – ContentBurger allows you to build UTM templates and adds UTM parameters automatically to all of your shared links. It also has the ability to assign the right social network as a source.

Add Custom Sources – Use any source from Content Burger global library, import from Feedly or add your own RSS feeds to start monitoring content from the sources you like or follow.

Approvals – Get approvals on your posts from clients or team members with Content Burger built-in workflow.

Multiple Regions and Languages – Our crawlers monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages. You can also add your own custom sources and RSS feeds in any language from any country/region you want.

AI Powered Captions – Get context-relevant captions written by Content Burger AI and save time while curating content.

Drag and Drop Embed – Quickly embed articles, videos and images in a drag & drop manner from 9+ external sources

Doc Sharing – Easy Share your Doc just like Dropbox and Google Docs

Who Is Content Burger For?

Content Burger provides a solutions to the many paths of online marketers.

Solution for Agencies
Empowers teams, agencies, and enterprise-level businesses to effectively and efficiently manage all social media channels from a single platform.

For Small Business
With so many features packed into one tool. Any small business can extract real value from discovering, publishing, automating and analyzing social media content.

Content Marketing Solution
Master Content Marketing To Drive Web Traffic And Increase Online Sales. Create engaging content and strategically distribute it to attract and retain an audience. Create and publish quality content to ensure a healthy traffic to your social and blog channels.

Social Media Solution
Create Real Connection and Boost your brand’s social media ROI by creating real connections with your audience. Create potential business opportunities through the power of content marketing across social and blog channels.

Social and Blog Automation
It is important to stay in the viewing pane of your audience to instill brand authority. Use CB to continually publish engaging content and keep appearing in your audience’s newsfeed.

Content Curation
Content Curation Tool To Maintain Your Publishing Flow. stack up engaging and relevant content with ease. Content curation is a great way to discover and publish trending third party content that boosts conversion.

Does Content Burger OTOs?

All OTOs are optional but every upgrade is a complement to Content Burger to maximize your earnings.

Content Burger – $47 ONE TIME

Everything you need to Discover, Plan, Compose, Analyse and Automate their Content Strategy. With the Content Burger only your have the tools to centralize their content marketing operations for all the channels including blogs, social networks and, newsletters.

OTO1 – ContentBurger PRO – $67/one-time / $27/m

You have access to a Host of More Excting Features like “Team Collaboration” for Up to 5 Members with Varying Access Levels.You also get an AI Meme Creator and Generator and the Ability to create eBooks in 1 Click, More Templates and more

OTO2 – ContentBurger Agency Dashboard – $97/one-time / $$37/m

Gives users the access to Create Multiple Brands and Businesses which they can charge monthly or onetime to manage… PLUS the they can Invite Clients to Workspaces with features to Get Approvals for Contents, Export Data and Analytics

OTO3 – ContentBurger Consultant Toolkit – $197 (one-time)

The Ultimate Social Media Agency Kit for you to position and sell Social media and Content Marketing Services. You get a ‘ done for you’ Agency website PLUS:

– Flyers
– Logo
– Brochures
– Proposals Template
– Contracts Template
– Questionnaire
– Pricing Plan
– Social Media Branding Graphics Assets
– Ready-To-Mail Auto-Responder, Client Follow-up Series and more…

Pros Of Content Burger

Content Burger is the New Command Center for Content and Social.

Better Content Quality – The Most Advanced AI bringing in fresh contents from multiple sources.

More Robust Automation – Automate Discovery and Publising across Articles Videos, RSS and more.

Better Content Types – Supports all Content Types – Articles, GIF, Meme, Videos, Quotes and even Voice.

Deeper Collobaration – Work Using Workspaces and collaborate with Team and Clients.

Auto-Discover and Auto-Post – The most people and businesses find it difficult to regularly share new content with their audience on social & blogging channels.

Content Burger automates this process for: Articles to Blog, Articles to Social Media, Videos to Social Media, Videos to Blog, RSS to Social Media, Bulk CSV Uploader…

Set and Forget – Set your own posting interval for each campaign to create an optimal posting frequency. You can even create a custom schedule by choosing the best days and times for publication.

Deep Filters – Select Deep Filters up to keywords or domains to only pass the type of content you want to share with your audience.

Supports Multiple Regios and Langauges – Content Burger AI monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages. You can also add your own custom sources and RSS feeds in any language from any country/region you want.

High Sorted with Sentiment and Engagement Soores – Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic.

The Cons

What I don’t like or what I’ll influence if I was the product creator!

Now I am being serious here, this offer is going for a far too low onetime price . . . anyway, it’s only a founders’ special offer.

The Special Early Bird Exclusive Bonuses
I Will Offer You If You Get Content Burger TODAY!

BONUS #1: 7 Figure Mastery

Unlike most internet marketing courses out there that covers just 1 or 2 methods… this one has several! Organized into 32 parts, this epic course is all you need to know on how to start one – or MULTIPLE successful 7 figure online businesses!

BONUS #2: Content Marketing Interpreted

Are you bashing your head against the wall because the latest Internet marketing tactic has failed you – again? If you’ve been working too many long hours but have little results to show for it… if you’re spending way too much on marketing and advertising your business… if you’re tired of all the empty promises about achieving online business success.

BONUS #3: Expert Offline Informer

Want to become an expert offline informer? It’s not so hard to do so if you have the tools to do so. With this valuable asset of templates, you’re going to get reports on Facebook, PCC, SEO, and webinars.

BONUS #4: Google My Business

Why Are You Not On Google My Business? With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is huge.

BONUS #5: Prospect List Builder

Here’s The Ultimate Easy Way To Build Your Own Profit Generating Customer Email List On Autopilot. This simple “set and go” system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay

BONUS #6: SEO Video Pro

SEO Video Pro plugin is an advanced video SEO plugin for WordPress which covers all aspects of video SEO. It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submits it to video sitemap.

BONUS #7: WP Content Loader

WordPress website owners who want to save time publishing mass amounts of content on autopilot. Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Upload Endless Content To Your WordPress Site and Stop Wasting Time With Copy and Paste Jobs That Take Forever

BONUS #8: WP Lead Filter

With this powerful plugin, you can interact with your visitors in a fun and engaging way while building your email list and filtering your subscribers automatically. There’s a reason social media sites are so popular. They grab the visitors attention, engage them, and get them to take action. They are an active and interactive medium.

BONUS #9: Simple GEO Plugin

Would you like to finally skyrocket your commissions in a laser-targeted way? Great, because that’s precise what you are about to achieve. Allow me a few moments of your time and I will show you One Of The Easiest And Fastest Way To Generate Commissions And Reach Your Audience, VERY Precisely.

BONUS #10: WP Survey Creator

WP Survey Creator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to incorporate a survey feature into your WordPress-powered website. With this plugin, you can create surveys with different types of questions and control how it appears on the page.

And Many Extra Bonuses In Your Member Area!

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