BotEngage Review – The FASTEST 100% Automated Content Maker

BotEngage Review – All-In-One A.I Bot Technology Is Finally Available | 100% Automated Content Maker

Are you looking for even more knowleadge regarding BotEngage? Please check out my honest review concerning it before selecting to examine the weaknesses and staminas of it. If you get BotEngage from my link, you will receive special exclusive bonuses that help you make more money using BotEngage.

Marketing Is Changing. And you’re right here at the right time to jump on board these $$$ winds of change.

It’s time to start treating customers like people, not statistics. Why? Because it will pay dividends on your sales and profits.

Customer behavior is changing. Customers are getting wise. They’re zoning out from traditional marketing techniques. It’s never been more important to ENGAGE your visitors.

They need something to spark their interest, to catch their eye, to make them engage. And the future is already here. Customers are (rightfully) demanding MORE from their online experiences.

Only by using BotEngage can you give them that experience. Retail changed a long time ago…now it’s time for you to improve your online selling results.

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What Is BotEngage?

BotEngage is a Revolutionary ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Bot Technology That Converts Passive Prospects Into SALES and LEADS. All Completely On Autopilot.

For the first time ever, you will be able to leverage 3 new Bot technology that has not been launched before; In-page bot, Modalbot, VideoBot and the conventional regular chatbot to generate more qualified leads from website visitors.

Offline businesses need you more than ever. With the current Coronavirus pandemic – Offline businesses need all the help they can give them.  A lot of physical stores and businesses are having to close. Offline businesses are going to have to adjust the way they sell.

To find new ways of servicing their customers online. To adapt the way that they usually sell or provide their services. At a time when more people will be turning online to get services and products they need. It’s a hard time for everyone and for some businesses, it’s going to be a difficult transition.

And if YOU can bring all the engagement-soaring, techniques retail stores have been using to surge their sales for years – To business’s ONLINE sales – At a time when more people will be turning to online services than EVER – YOU are going to make it just that little bit easier for them – And maybe even help to keep their businesses going through this tough time.

When you get your unlimited license to create and sell artificial intelligence bots onto other online and offline businesses. You will be offering a valuable service, at a time when it’s REALLY needed. This is not about taking advantage – this is about genuinely helping businesses – Bringing the techniques that have been optimizing selling in store for years – Right to their online offers. At a time when they REALLY need you. Introducing BotEngage.

How To Use BotEngage?

A: It Literally Couldn’t Be Easier To Use:

Step 1: SET: Name Your Bots and Choose Your Avatar
Step 2: PERFECT: Choose Your Background And Customize Your Appearance With Just a Point and Click
Step 3: BUILD: Your Engagement-Boosting Automated Interactions With Drag n’ Drop Ease
Step 4: SHARE: To The Masses With Just One Click. Via Social. On Your Sites. Or Via Email
Step 5: FORGET: Sit Back And Allow Your Engagement-Boosting Bots To Bring You In More Sales, More Conversions, More Profits. All Completely On Autopilot.

Marketers with bigger budgets have been seeing results from these kind of engagement boosting bots for years. This is a big brand innovation to our market.

With a superior quality service. For a fraction of the price.

And the best thing is – Right Now You Can Get Unrestricted, Unlimited Everything, Access To Botengage – For just a single one-time payment.

In fact, you’re getting unrestricted, unlimited access.

Who Are Developers Of BotEngage?

Victory Akpos is one of the fastest rising digital marketers with multiple 6-figure launches starting in 2017, and dozens of Top 10 leaderboard appearances in his affiliate marketing business. He is the marketing expert specializing in Mobile Marketing, Product Creation and Affiliate Marketing. In this launch Victory co-operated with Simon Warner – another veteran marketer and renowned speaker – to deliver this powerful software that called BotEngage.

Victory is also the co-founder of many well-known products such as VidZio, AlterStore, Uduala eCom, ReachInfluencer, Adsmartly, TrendMonetizer etc. All of them were highly recommended by many experts in the world and got a lot of positive feedbacks from customers.

What Features We’ll Find Inside BotEngage?

You can familiarize with the features and the bring sample of bots that can be created by BotEngage so that you can understand better about this product:

InPage Bots

What makes InpageBots so powerful?

Inpage Bots are like secret ninja on your page. Just waiting to grab new leads as faster than a crouching tiger! Inpage bots blend in as a natural part of your website content and efficiently convert visitors into leads as they fit seamlessly into the content flow and don’t interrupt or annoy the user. Inpage Bots ask your visitors the right questions at exactly the right time to convert them – every time.


What makes ChatBots so powerful?

Just like a chat with your favourite buddy, chatbots are fast, easy and fun! Attention spans of our prospects are shorter than ever and chatbots are the perfect buddy your prospect needs to meet their needs, and convert them quickly. Chatbots engage even the busiest and most impatient of prospects, giving them the answers they need FAST and stopping them drifting away without giving you a sale.


What makes ModalBots so powerful?

Humans LOVE interactivity. We can’t resist it. And with modalbots, visits can’t help but engage with what you have to offer. They take your prospects from passive to active – without them even realizing its happening to them. It’s a bit like being hypnotized. They can’t help but become more actively involved with your content and take action – and half the time they won’t even realize why…It was modalbot all along. Boost your interactivity with modalbots and your conversions boost automatically.


Why is VideoBot so powerful?

We all know video is one of the most engagement-boosting mediums online. Capture those visually stimulated visitors with videobots. Botengage empowers you to build choice-based interactive video experiences in just minutes with our simple drag-and-drop tool. Connect your videos, link out to additional content, add call-to-actions, captions, and so much more — all without having to write a single row of code!


What can BotEngage do for you?

Multiplies Your Conversions: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots stop your visitors from aimlessly scrolling and direct their attention directly to your sale, sign up or service. Helping you to close every time.

Amplifies Your Engagement: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots engage your prospects with real-time conversation, personalization and fun. Building trust, rapport and treating each and every one of your visitors like a person and not just a statistic.

Surges Your Sales: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots grab your prospect’s attention, keep them focused on ‘the prize’ and don’t let go until you make the sale. Every time.

Boosts Your ROI: 10x the power of your traffic with engagement boosting bots that make sure that your traffic is never wasted and visitors never leave your page without giving you what you want.

‘Set and Forget’ You create your bots exactly how you want them. Then set them to ‘go’ and allow them to do the hard work, without you ever having to lift a finger again.

Cloud-Based: Build your bots online, in app, with absolutely nothing to download ever.

Fast, Easy (And FUN!) To Build: Use BotEngage template driven builder with Drag n’ Drop ease to build attention-grabbing perfect bots in just minutes. No coding experience or technical knowledge needed! 100% NEWBIE FRIENDLY.

Unlimited Everything: Create or customize as many ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots as you like for yourself AND paying clients with NO LIMITS

Realistic, Personal Automation: Next generation artificial intelligence interacts with your customers in real time, as if they were real people. Your customers never have to know you’re not really there! Once you’ve created your bots, you never have to lift another finger ever.

Never Been Seen In BotEngage Market Before Technology: Using BotEngage app users can create Inpage Bots, Chat Bots, Modal bots and Video Bots that can not be found on any other softwares in the market. (BotEngage closest competitors charge over $797 PER MONTH for the same kind of service!)

Integrates Seamlessly With The Most Powerful Platforms Online: Including WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, bigcommerce and americommerce…The top autoresponders; Including GetResponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Active Campaign Market Hero and more. PLUS with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Really Easy (And Profitable!) To Sell On With Your Included Commercial Licence: Make big bucks $$$ by making ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots for other people and cash in on their need with a quality solution. And keep 100% of the profits!

The Special Early Bird Exclusive Bonuses
I Will Offer You If You Get BotEngage TODAY!

BONUS #1: 7 Figure Mastery

Unlike most internet marketing courses out there that covers just 1 or 2 methods… this one has several! Organized into 32 parts, this epic course is all you need to know on how to start one – or MULTIPLE successful 7 figure online businesses!

BONUS #2: Content Marketing Interpreted

Are you bashing your head against the wall because the latest Internet marketing tactic has failed you – again? If you’ve been working too many long hours but have little results to show for it… if you’re spending way too much on marketing and advertising your business… if you’re tired of all the empty promises about achieving online business success.

BONUS #3: Expert Offline Informer

Want to become an expert offline informer? It’s not so hard to do so if you have the tools to do so. With this valuable asset of templates, you’re going to get reports on Facebook, PCC, SEO, and webinars.

BONUS #4: Google My Business

Why Are You Not On Google My Business? With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is huge.

BONUS #5: Prospect List Builder

Here’s The Ultimate Easy Way To Build Your Own Profit Generating Customer Email List On Autopilot. This simple “set and go” system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay

BONUS #6: SEO Video Pro

SEO Video Pro plugin is an advanced video SEO plugin for WordPress which covers all aspects of video SEO. It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submits it to video sitemap.

BONUS #7: WP Content Loader

WordPress website owners who want to save time publishing mass amounts of content on autopilot. Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Upload Endless Content To Your WordPress Site and Stop Wasting Time With Copy and Paste Jobs That Take Forever

BONUS #8: WP Lead Filter

With this powerful plugin, you can interact with your visitors in a fun and engaging way while building your email list and filtering your subscribers automatically. There’s a reason social media sites are so popular. They grab the visitors attention, engage them, and get them to take action. They are an active and interactive medium.

BONUS #9: Simple GEO Plugin

Would you like to finally skyrocket your commissions in a laser-targeted way? Great, because that’s precise what you are about to achieve. Allow me a few moments of your time and I will show you One Of The Easiest And Fastest Way To Generate Commissions And Reach Your Audience, VERY Precisely.

BONUS #10: WP Survey Creator

WP Survey Creator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to incorporate a survey feature into your WordPress-powered website. With this plugin, you can create surveys with different types of questions and control how it appears on the page.

And Many Extra Bonuses In Your Member Area!

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