What is Blogi?

Blogi is an AI Auto-blogging App that impresses the search engines with high-quality, unique articles generated from 10 AI writing models.

This combination of AI firepower makes it possible to create contents with unmatched human-like content the search engines crave…

It’s a must-have tool for everyone who wants to build organic search engine traffic in today’s strict crackdown of AI generated content. It’s also perfect for local businesses looking to gain an edge on competition in organic search.

You can use it to improve your website rankings, create content your readers crave, generate organic search traffic, gain an edge in local markets, and more…


Auto-writes With Multiple AIs

Uses multiple AIs to give you perfectly unique and high value content.

Writes Articles For Any Topic & Keywords

Give Blogi a topic; get an endless stream of fresh articles

Auto-posts To Your Blog

Automatically post articles to your blog with full SEO optimization

Auto-follows Other Publishers

Follow other publishers and autowrite fresh articles using their new content

Auto-creates Graphics

Automatically creates illustrations and infographics to post with your blog articles.


Create articles in any language supported by AI. Even translate & rewrite articles from other languages.


Writes Fresh & Original Content on 100% Autopilot

Blogi can run on full autopilot. Just give it topics and keywords and it’ll automatically churn out fresh articles as often as you want on complete autopilot. Our special AI guidance algo keeps the articles fresh and relevant.

  • No need to manually write each article separately
  • Algo keeps articles fresh and relevant
  • Writes highly relevant articles on the schedule you specify

Create Articles In Any Language

You can use Blogi to create articles in any language you want. Choose between all the languages that your favorite AI supports including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, German and dozens more.

Select any website and automatically re-write their articles in the language of your choice.

  • Blogi automatically writes and posts the article in the language of your choice
  • Can automatically translate and re-write content from other websites
  • Get local traffic by creating local language content

Automatically Post Article On Your Schedule

Blogi Al Writer doesn’t just write your blog articles; it also posts them to your blog with full SEO optimization.

How often do you want to update your blog? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Daily? Choose your schedule, Blogi can handle it.

  • Automatically updates your blogs as often as you want.
  • Set the exact schedule you want with our powerful CRON system.
  • From writing to posting. 100% autopilot!

Automatically SEO Optimizes Blog Articles

Blogi AI Writer does all the work for you. That includes perfectly optimizing your articles.

Blogi AI Writer generates the perfect Headlines, Keywords, Meta Description, Categories, Tags & Slug for your article.

  • Full SEO optimization done on autopilot.
  • Writes the article. Does the SEO and posts it to your blog. 100% automatic.
  • No need to be a SEO expert. Let Blogi handle it!

Full Control Over Style, Tone, Voice & Personality

Blogi gives you full control over the Blogger’s personality. You can set the style and tone, create a unique personality, and even give it a sample article to use as a reference for style.

  • Create unique writer personalities that create 100% original content.
  • Write in any voice: academic, humorous, explanatory, friendly, empathic. You choose!
  • Blogi AI makes every article a unique work that appeals to your exact demographic.

Automatically Creates Images & Infographics For Your Articles

Every blog article deserves a good graphic. Blogi AI creates graphics and infographics for your article using the latest and most powerful image AIs.

  • AI rates and evaluates your article to create perfect image generation prompts.
  • Automatically creates high-quality images using the best graphics AI.
  • Posts your articles with perfect content, SEO and images.

Automatically Follow Any Website & Get Their Latest Articles For Your Blogs

Need trending content? Blogi AI Writer can follow any website, or publisher to find the latest topics and content. It can then write original articles based on the hot topics to give you a blog that always remains trending.

  • Choose any website and follow it to get its freshest content ideas.
  • Write original articles based on the new topics and post them automatically to your blog.
  • Lets you follow multiple websites for a hot and trending blog.

Perfect For Affiliate & Product Promotion Blogs

You can start dozens of affiliate blogs very easily with Blogi. Just select the topics, the keywords and let Blogi do the rest. You can just put your affiliate links inside of Blogi and Blogi will promote the links in the articles, on full autopilot.

  • Get traffic for product keywords and long-tail keywords with high-quality AI articles.
  • Blogi will automatically write articles, SEO optimize them and promote your links.
  • Grab traffic from LSI and long-tail keywords easily.

Update Multiple Blogs & Create Multiple Writer Personalities

Blogi lets you create dedicated campaigns for your blogs. You can set up automatic writers for multiple blogs for yourself and your clients or even create separate writers with distinct personalities for one blog.

  • Automatically run multiple blogs on any topic or niche.
  • Create unique personalities for each campaign, and even create multiple personalities to write separate articles on one blog.
  • Schedule all your posts and content according to your desires.

Go Manual If You Want! Write AI Content With Full Control

Need more control? Blogi AI lets you go full manual and use it as an intelligent writing assistant.

You can generate your articles using Blogi, rewrite existing content, create images, edit content, expand or re-write paragraphs and change any aspect of the article before posting it.

  • Craft your articles manually with your choice of tone, personality and voice.
  • Write paragraphs and modify them using AI. Click and create easy!
    Create perfect images for your articles using AI.
  • Post your article to your blog with a single click.

Never Hire A Fiverr/Freelancer Guy Again. Blogi Does It Better!

Have you been paying and worrying every time you hire an SEO guy from Fiverr or Freelancer to write your SEO content?

What if they just copied the content from somewhere? What about grammar and language mistakes? What if the content is not relevant at all?

Blogi removes all your worries.

  • Perfect grammar, written in the style you want.
  • Highly relevant articles. You choose the topic and keywords. Blogi delivers.
  • Never misses a scheduled date. Get the articles when you want them.
  • Always original! Never worry about copied content.

Blogi Costs 1/50th Of The Money You Would Spend Elsewhere

If you hire a content writer or use an expensive AI writing system, you will pay a lot more than what you spend on Blogi.

Blogi gives you perfect articles written just the way you want at a fraction of the cost.

  • Write high-quality, SEO optimized articles for pennies.
  • Blogi is more affordable than any other AI content writer.
  • Use any AI you want without any crazy, exorbitant pricing.

Blogi Is The Only 100% Autopilot Writer

Are you paying more for another AI writer? Shift to Blogi now. Blogi can write and post your blog articles on full autopilot. All you need to do is watch!

  • Writes high-quality articles on auto.
    Does SEO optimization on auto
  • Creates graphics on auto.
  • Posts articles to blogs on auto.
  • 100% Done for you. Click and watch!

Grab Leads, Make Sales & Build An Audience

Grab targeted leads for your business by creating high-value, on-topic blogs and inviting readers to your mailing list.

Blogi can also promote products, write product reviews or topical/how-to articles to get you traffic for your ecom store.

  • Build a list or sell a product.
  • Create the right sort of blog or content for your marketing.

Always Updated! Blogi Gets The Latest AIs & Algorithm Updates

If you’ve used Teknikforce products before, you know our products are improved and updated continuously. Blogi is becoming better every month!

  • New and better AIs are added all the time.
  • Advanced algorithm updates.
  • Detailed and practical training.
  • Helpful assistance and support when required.

Dominate Any Niche Or Market With Autoblogging

Create one or several blogs and dominate any niche you want with quality content that’s generated on 100% autopilot. Grab rankings for long-tail and LSI keywords to get traffic that’s 100% targeted.

  • Autoblogging is perfect for ranking long-tail keywords.
  • Blogi is great to capture niches within niches or to create a blog network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Blogi meet Google’s content requirement for AI?

Yes, Google allows the use of AI as long as the content is relevant and well written.

👉Is it really 100% autopilot?

Yes, we designed Blogi to work on full autopilot. Set it up once and forget about it, if you want.

👉Can I use it manually too?

Yes, it has a powerful article writer that you can use to create AI assisted articles on any topic you want.

👉What kind of blogs does it work with?

You can use it to write content for any blog. The auto-posting feature works with WordPress blogs.

👉Are credits expensive?

No, they are very inexpensive. Additional credits can be purchased inside the app.

👉But, will it be maintained?

Absolutely! We build software for the long-term. Blogi will get new features, new AIs, and new updates frequently.

👉Is it better than Fiverr or Freelancer writers?

Some writers on these websites either create content that’s low-quality or they use AI themselves and overcharge you for it. Blogi creates high-quality, grammatically correct content that will rank high for you.


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