ATO website struggling, as thousands attempt to lodge tax returns

The Australian Tax Office site collapsed this morning when thousands of people are trying to file tax returns on the first day of the new fiscal year.

Users reported delays in accessing the website, while some received a message notifying them of a large amount of traffic, which leads to a long wait time.

“We understand significant number of people need to access our online services. We are proactively managing our online traffic so that systems continue to be available,” the report said.

The first day of the new fiscal year also faced the second wave of early retirement after years of service, which further increased the interest in online ATO systems.

Already 2.3 million Australians have spent their retirement savings to overcome the Coronavirus crisis.

From today, thousands of people will be able to pull another 10,000 dollars out of their super.

People on social networks post videos and photos of the site that they are trying to download.

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