AISocials is the first all-in-one AI tool that runs an SMMA (social media marketing agency) business, doing the work of an entire agency for you.

Silicon Valley Spent 10 Years Making Everyone Addicted to Social Media…And the Businesses that Post the Most Often Now Are Winning BIG TIME. Small businesses that aren’t posting video and image content are getting crushed by competition with big content creation teams. PPC is too expensive, and posting a few times per day doesn’t drive traffic anymore. But now, you can leverage new AI to create and post high amounts of quality, unique content for you better than what top social agencies can make. Social media is going to be the place almost all leads and sales come from in the future. After all…

Attention is the New Currency The new wave of billionaires are using social media to get rich fast. Kylie Jenner turned her social audience into a billion dollar business overnight. Dwayne Johnson’s tequila company is valued at a billion dollars because of his massive Instagram count. Conor McGregor sold his whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve, for $600 million because of his Twitter following. But, I know what you’re thinking…Even with A.I., Creating High-Amounts of Quality, Addicting Content is Still Super Expensive and Time-Consuming. You need to…Research Unique, Viral Ideas. That means you need to spend hours researching what’s trending and getting views now in your niche. Create Multiple Videos and Images. Then, waste time recording yourself on camera and coming up with the scripts and descriptions for each individual post. Reformat for Different Socials. For maximum results, your social media content needs to be ‘native’ to each platform or appear like other content there. That means re-recording videos, re-editing images, and wasting even more time. Schedule it Over and Over: Just posting once a day isn’t cutting it anymore.

So, you need to invest in costly scheduling tools like HootSuite and log in every few hours to reschedule the post, while hoping it’s the right time your audience is on. Even with individual AI tools and social schedulers like Hootsuite, getting traffic and sales for yourself or clients from social platforms is not easy. But now, there’s an easier way…Let New AI Create Social Media Campaigns & Perpetually Post Them For You. Presenting AISocials.

AISocials is Easy to Use

  • STEP 1: Find Viral Topic Ideas for the AI to Make Content Around
  • STEP 2: Enter a Keyword and Choose the Number of Posts & Videos to Make
  • STEP 3: Preview Your Already Finished Content
  • STEP 4: Customize Anything Using Drag/Drop Technology
  • STEP 5: Add Posts to AI ‘Content Streams
  • STEP 6: Watch as the App Perpetually Posts the Content.

AI will soon automate not just internet marketing, but the majority of jobs, too. So, what if you could ‘future-proof’ yourself with a done-for-you AI system that drove traffic whenever you needed for yourself or biz owners in minutes from now, by just entering a keyword? Hurry, grab it now before they switch to a monthly fee at TRIPLE the price you’re getting it for today. Click the button below to secure your license before it’s too late to take advantage of the AI revolution.


  • AI Social Video Campaigns – let AI create & design engaging social posts & videos from just keywords for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & more
  • AI Agency Social Media Campaigns – auto-build lead campaigns using just a keyword that specifically LAND clients for you w/ unique, viral content
  • AI ‘Self-Scheduling’ Technology – instead of scheduling each post manually, let the app posts the content for at optimal times on autopilot w/ no scheduling needed
  • AI Midjourney Image Technology – generate AI images for your social content using Midjourney (the best AI image engine) to really stand out on social timelines
  • AI Social Video Wizard – enter a keyword & AISocials will write a script and create a high-retention video to post. Customize w/ clips, text, layers, & more.
  • AI Viral Post Wizard – AISocials will create viral social media posts for any social network you choose. Add text, images, change fonts, add emojis, & more w/ the editor.
  • AI Variations Technology (Make 100s of Posts) – enter a seed keyword and # of variations to create & AISocials will create multiple unique posts from that keyword.
  • Find Trending Topics – find what’s trending on social media, then give the topic to the A.I. to create tons of unique posts around (easy mass traffic)
  • Agency Content Calendar – Organize all your social posts in a drag/drop calendar. Schedule one-time posts, see when A.I. will be posting, & organize by client


  • Agencies: Save hours of work and thousands of dollars, and scale your business to 6 figures.
  • Freelancers: Explode your income with an in-demand service today (and still have time to do other stuff)
  • Coaches/Consultants: Build a powerful brand on social and drive free traffic to you on-demand webinars and funnels for coaching services.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Send free traffic to other people’s high-convertign offers for monthly passive income.
  • Busy professionals: Already have a 9-5 job with a digital marketing company? Use AISocials to automate the majority of your work and look like a superstar on the job.
  • Ecommerce: PPC for ecommerce has gotten too expensive. Flood your store with buyers, without paid ads eating all your profit margins!


  • I Already Have an AI App, How’s This Different? AiSocials is the only app to date that can make all your social media content including posts, videos, reels, memes, quotes, & more from AI using just keywords. It comes with viral topics finder to get the ideas for the AI & ‘AI variations’ technology ot create mass amounts of variations from one single topic. Not only that, but it’s the only one that perpetually posts the content for you with smart AI scheduling. Other apps like Buffer, HootSuite, etc. require you to log in and keep rescheduling the content over & over wasting so much time. Plus, its one of the only AI tools that allows you to integrate clients into it & create/manage all their social content & videos with the AI.
  • Is there a page with a better deal than this? Nope. Because you were referred by a premium partner to this page, you qualify for the best possible deal to AISocials if you buy today.
  • How Much Can I Charge as an Agency? SSMAs are the highest in-demand types of agencies & typically require a large team to run. That’s why you can go beyond other agency services & sell social media content & posting services for $3000+ per month with this tool. Plus, you can sell individual services like AI video creation, AI post creation, AI article creation, etc. for individual fees like $500 each on Upwork, Fiverr, & more.
  • Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency? The AI has been programmed with agency understanding so it can not just create entire social campaigns for clients, but GET the clients for you. Generate entire addictive social campaigns & videos that land specific types of clients like dog training clients, plumbers, dentists, real estate agents, & more. Plus, if you order today I’m told it comes with VIP live training to walk you through landing your first client.
  • What Kind of Marketing Materials Does it Create? This creates AI posts & images for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & AI video content for YouTube, TikTok, reels, & more. You can also create things like Medium articles, memes, quotes, individual images, & more completely with AI.
  • Is There Detailed Training? Yes! AISocials is super easy to use & there are detailed training & tutorials for you & small business customers + 24-7 support.
  • How many clients can I have with this software? As many as you want! If you get in quick, you’ll secure an unlimited commercial license allowing you to create as many campaigns as you like, with an unlimited number of clients paying you per lead or a flat monthly fee!
  • Does it work on Windows and Mac? Yes. AISocials is 100% cloud-based, so it works on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.
  • Is there training and support available? Yes, they’ve got full step-by-step training if you need it, plus hands-on support from their team, waiting on standby to make sure you get results. However, the software is so drop-dead simple, you’ll probably never need us!
  • Will the app be updated regularly? Yes. They’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.


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