AICoaches is a revolutionary programme that transforms any human into an AI avatar or bot that..

[+] Maintains Leads 24-7

[+] Mentors Your Audience Around the Clock

[+] Expert Consultant (create an Alex Hormozi bot)

[+] Expertly sells your custom products

[+] Answers to Support Queries and More

You can train an entire team of AI employees on your data (a huge AI breakthrough that no other technology has) and personalise them to look like anyone!

What is so revolutionary about AICoaches?

These AI employees aren’t merely ChatGPT clones; they can be customised to convey unique expertise and communicate in the manner of a specific person. 

It’s the same as hiring an industry expert in your field, educating them about your firm, and then allowing them to work around the clock, saving thousands of dollars and 100xing productivity! 

All in a single click, you may create a whole trained team for yourself or sell to a business. 


  • Turn Yourself into an AI Avatar Bot – make a clone of yourself that’s trained with your specific knowledge & is available 24-7 to mentor clients, close leads, & 10x sales
  • Turn Any Public Figure into an AI Avatar Bot – customize AI to make it look & act like a biz owner or public expert. Learn from the bot, set it up as a service, & more. 
  • Use/Sell DFY AI Coaching Avatar Chatbots – get 20+ AICoach avatars trained in popular coaching & business niches ready to 30x any business
  • Train on Custom Knowledge – train these custom avatar bots on specific knowledge by copying & pasting text, adding YouTube videos, text files, & more
  • Customize Personality & Style – customize personality, linguistic likeness, coaching style, & more
  • Customize Appearance – customize the chat widget & upload any avatars or images so it feels like you’re talking to a real person or character
  • 24-7 Lead Generation – customize your AICoach so it works to generate leads & book appointments for you
  • 24-7 Coaching or Product Support – let your AICoach mentor clients in a membership 24-7, or assist with support of products 
  • Let Avatars Accept Payment & Sell – integrate payment processors & choose to let your AICoach suggest & sell products
  • Plus many more features like…
  • Commercial Rights – sell custom AI avatar bots 
  • Embed in Multiple Ways – inline embed, popup embed, & more
  • Autoresponder Integration Available
  • Mobile Friendly – works on any device
  • Hold Multiple Conversations


✅Clone Yourself into an AI Avatar Chatbot

Quickly create a digital chatbot clone of yourself that’s trained with your specific knowledge.

Now you can be available 24-7 to mentor clients, close leads, and increase sales since your clone has all your expertise and can talk to clients and leads like you do.

✅Clone an Expert into an AI Avatar Chatbot

Choose to clone any public expert or institution into an AI chatbot avatar that’s available around the clock.

Clone an expert to learn personally from without paying $1000s in hourly consulting fees. Or sell a replica to a business for them to converse with leads and clients 24-7.

✅Edit, Use, or Sell Already DFY AI Coaches

AICoaches comes loaded with fully pre-trained AI chatbot avatars that you can sell to biz owners or use them yourself. They’re ready to go in popular niches like…

  • Bodybuilding Coach
  • Weightloss Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Online Marketing Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Motivational Coach
  • Dentist Assistant
  • Plumbing Assistant
  • and more. Or create your own!

✅Customize the AICoach’s Knowledge

Choose which information your AICoach will know and share and what it won’t. Tell it where to get the info, or give it some files to get started.

Easily train your AI chatbot from YouTube videos, copy/paste text, text files, website links, and more.

✅Customize the Personality and Style

Customize the personality and coaching style of your AI avatar chatbot. You can customize things like…

Question vs Advice – Train your AI to ask questions and hold space like a coach or give direct advice like a mentor.

Gentle vs Direct – Want an empathetic AI or a straight-talking one? You choose!

Short vs Long – Train your AICoach to give shorter responses like a back-and-forth coaching session, or lengthier paragraphs containing more information.

and even more personality options for humanistic companions that don’t seem like AI bots.

✅Customize AICoach Design

Easily customize the chat widget and upload any avatars or images so it feels like you’re talking to a real person or character.

Change fonts, colors, names, default responses, and more the way you want. No more cold, lifeless chatbot windows that get low interactions anymore.

✅Build Your List and Capture Data

Capture a visitor’s email or information as they chat with your AICoach to generate leads.

Send leads to the autoresponder or CRM of your choice for email marketing, webinars, online consultations, and more.

✅Accept Payment and Let Your AI Coach Sell Products

Configure your AI chatbot avatar to sell custom products like a pro as they chat with prospects.

Accept payments and sell products by integrating your Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay, or other payment solution.

✅Use as a Support Agent or Customer Service Representative

Use your AICoach as a trained customer support agent and provide world-class support to your buyers and educate prospective leads, too

Your AI support agent will pull knowledge from your custom data training for speedy, accurate results that will delight employees or customers

✅Use as a 24-7 Coach & Product Creation Expert

Put your AICoach in a membership to provide coaching 24-7 to prospects when they can’t reach you.

Plus, talk with your AI expert coach to create world-class courses and marketing materials you can use to start your own coaching business.

✅Embed Anywhere Multiple Ways

Just copy some script and embed your AICoach anywhere as a popup or inline embed.

AICoaches work perfectly on desktop devices, tablets, and mobile phones.

✅Hold Multiple, Personalized Conversations at Once

Scale your income, not your workload with the ability for your AICoaches to hold multiple, personalized conversations at once with many leads.

✅Organize by Workspaces & Clients

Organize all your AI avatar chatbots by type and by client with this feature.

Keep everything tidy and organized as you scale you or your client’s business at lightning speed.

✅View Conversation History

Keep detailed documentation of all chats logged with chat conversation history.

This is important for compliance and to track what AI bots are producing the most results.

✅Instant, Accurate Responses

Chat with AICoaches anywhere including on the go and get accurate, instant responses.

✅Download Leads from Within the App

AICoaches integrates with the most popular autoresponders and webinar solutions. Don’t have an autoresponder? Don’t worry. You can download all the leads captured through all AICoaches right from the dashboard and broadcast to them.

✅Gorgeous DFY Templates

Get tons of gorgeous templates you can use to customize your chatbot window.

Make your AI avatar chatbot window fun and exciting so people will want to engage with it.

✅Detailed Analytics

See important metrics in a click with detailed analytics. View which AI chatbots are working the best in your business and which ones are lagging.

Show proof to clients that their bots are selling products and booking clients.

And Many More Features Like…

  • Fully Cloud-Based
  • 24-7 Support & Knowledge-Base
  • Instant Response Time
  • GPT4 Based
  • No Technical Experience Needed
  • In-App Training
  • Frequent Updates Included
  • Amazing Results
  • Full Customization

How does it work?

AICoaches is So Easy to Use…

👉01.Clone Someone Into AI or Choose a DFY AICoach

Choose to start from scratch and clone yourself or a public expert into an AI chatbot.

Or choose from already DFY AI avatar chatbots trained as experts in specific niches.

👉02.Train Your AICoach

Then, train your AI avatar chatbot on specific data so it shares customized knowledge the way you want with your prospects.

You can copy/paste text, add video links, add URLs, upload text documents, and more to train the AI.

👉03.Customize Appearance and Personality

Customize the personality and coaching style of your AI chatbot. Choose to make it more gentle vs more direct or more serious vs more light-hearted for example.

Plus, customize the chatbot appearance by adding your own image, changing colors, editing names, editing welcome and default messages, and more.

👉04.Put Your AICoach to Work 24-7

Choose what you want your AI chatbot avatar to do; sell products, generate leads, provide support, etc.

For instance, add lead capture forms if you want your AICoach to generate leads for you.

The AI avatar chatbot will work 24-7 educating clients, generating you more leads, increasing sales, and more just like if you cloned yourself or hired an industry expert in your field.

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