Affiliate Safari Review - How Make $865.11 In Affiliate Commissions?

Affiliate Safari Review – How Make $865.11 In Affiliate Commissions?

Affiliate Safari Review – The secrets that generate thousands of dollars in online income

What is Affiliate Safari?

At its core Affiliate Safari is a case study, the cool thing about it is it was shot in real time and what that means is Kam Jennings shot it over a four-day period as he was doing an affiliate campaign he was shooting Affiliate Safari.

Every single decision Kam made, every single thing that he did, the why, the how the win, the where, it’s all in there. How Kam was adjusting as he was going based on how the campaign was going, he was tracking everything.

When he was seeing more results like in a Facebook group or more results by the kind of email that affected where his promotional endeavors were going it was really cool

And it resulted in several hundred dollars in affiliate commissions and also resulted in a first-place win in an affiliate contest.

So it was a very successful affiliate campaign and Kam think that people who are trying to do affiliate marketing will get so many golden nuggets that are just dropped inside this affiliate campaign.

The cool thing in a case study means there’s no ideology, there’s no philosophical stuff, it’s just straight results.

It’s straight what Kam Jennings did, why he did it, when he did it, where he did it, how he did it.

It’s all an incredible experience for someone who’s trying to do affiliate marketing and trying to experience more success with that and I think you’ll get a ton of value out of it alright.

AND…Kam didn’t stop there. As a special bonus to you he has also added in the rarified jewel of a video…

“How to Promote When You Don’t Have A List”

What features do you get inside Affiliate Safari?

Inside that jam packed full of secrets and gold nuggets video, you will be getting:

The secrets that Kam used to generate countless thousands in online income over the years.

The strategies that have allowed Kam to produce instant income on demand without the stress of worrying about how to pay his bills.

The tactics that enabled Kam to NOT have to work for anyone else for the last several years, and THRIVE while he was doing it!

The exact places Kam put his affiliate messages for maximum results!

Simple yet effective methods of affiliate marketing that are easily repeatable and produce amazing results!

The Network of 10 list building and affiliate marketing strategy.

Enter the Foundation Facebook audience building and commission attractor method.

Amplified Blog tactic to not only build your list while blogging but also produce commissions and sales.

The true key to all sustainable wealth online (a simple truth often overlooked.)

The central core of ALL free promotion online (if you want to make sales online without a list you need to know this first!)

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I don’t know how long Kam is going to leave this at a low price…If you wait, you might find yourself spending a lot more money on this than you have to…

Why you need to get your hands on Affiliate Safari now?

Affiliate Safari is a brand new, extremely high value “shot in real time” case study that’s changing things for struggling affiliate marketers out there in ANY niche whether you have an email list OR not…

It’s a NO BRAINER because the feeling of actually making money online instead of losing it is a huge accomplishment!

It’s a NO BRAINER because there is no better feeling than knowing exactly what to say to get the sale!

It’s a NO BRAINER because there is no better way to learn how to do something than to actually get to watch someone else doing it!

It’s a NO BRAINER because having strategies that you can use for any kind of promoting in ANY niche is extremely versatile and useful!

It’s a NO BRAINER because having a behind the scenes, over the shoulder, shot in real-time case study for a fraction of the usual cost is an amazing value!

Literally this unique shot in “real-time” case study is going to drop so many marketing secrets and reveal so many insights on you that it could potentially make you money the same day if applied.

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Does Affiliate Safari OTOs?

Front End – $10.80

Affiliate Safari is a 10 video over the shoulder case study of a 4 day affiliate campaign that Kam ran recently. It resulted he taking first place in the affiliate contest and $865.11 in affiliate commissions and prize money, all with only around 3 and a half hours of work to accomplish this. The case study is done in real time, so as Kam was experiencing the campaign and reacting to what was happening.

OTO1 – $14.97

OTO1 is 40 DFY emails from Kam’s personal money making email swipes collection that are being sold here with a Private Label Rights (PLR) license. These are emails that he have personally used to not only sell his membership program but also to sell affiliate offers as well.

DS1 – $10.80

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club. It’s monthly low ticket membership program that gives members the benefit of group coaching, a brand new IM product every single month, and a healthy database of DFY materials to use.

OTO2 – $27

OTO2 is the Email Workshop Combo Pack. This invaluable training is going to give you replay access to 2 of most valuable workshops to date. The Systems and Email Conversions workshop and the Affiliate Fire workshop. Both of these workshops spanned multiple days and provide hours of secret revealing, bomb dropping revelations for the marketers out there looking to step up their game in the world of Email Marketing!

DS2 – $14.97

DS2 removes the Affiliate Fire workshop from the Email Marketing Workshop Combo pack and gives you the opportunity to still take advantage of a lower priced Systems and Email Conversions Workshop Replays package. It’s the crown jewel of the Combo pack and this reduced cost will still allow those who passed up the combo pack to get it.

OTO3 – $97

OTO3 is the Affiliate Safari Max Deal Package. This unprecedented package is going to give you 100% affiliate commissions through the entire Affiliate Safari funnel, but not only that…it’s also going to give you a PLR licence to Affiliate Safari, so that you can use the product as an asset.

DS3 – $47

DS3 removes the boosted affiliate commissions and offers PLR license on Affiliate Safari. Even if the you doesn’t feel you need the boosted 100% commissions, this will still allow you the opportunity to acquire Affiliate Safari as an asset you can use youselves.

If you’re looking for a simple way to start seeing results online… this is it.

As usual, Kam is turning the industry standards on their proverbial heads with this one…

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