Ads2List Review & Bonus – Google’s Secret Marketing System

Ads2List Review – Build The List of Your Dreams Through The Most Powerful Ads System

Google is the marketing revolution of our times. Where else can you target people accurately based on what they are looking for.

Making Google marketing work for you will be the difference between raking in top dollars or having to struggle with bills this year.

So why are you still struggling to make Google profitable?

Because your approach is wrong. If you’ve been trying to get people to a landing page and them make them fill in their email id to grab leads, you’ve already failed.

#1 Most people will close your landing page within the first 5 seconds
#2 Nobody wants to fill out their email addresses anymore. Nope, no one does that ever!

But you can use this secret hack to make everything work like magic.

Google launched Leadgen ads in December 2019. This is the most powerful and scalable list building system that only a few marketers have access too.

The reason is, it requires special software to get those leads into your autoresponder, and there was nothing in the market to do that.

Only the top marketers who were able to afford a programmer could use them, but not anymore.

With Ads2List your customers can!

What is Ads2List?

Ads2List is a new breakthrough software that makes Google lead gen ads practical.

Ads2List gives your leadgen ads the code-backend that sends your leads straight to your autoresponder. Yep, every lead goes into your autoresponder without you having to do anything.

The lead gen ads are awesome because people can sign up to lists just by clicking a button. Nobody needs to fill in anything.

That really boosts your sign up rate
You can send the lead to a landing page after sign up and sell to him after you’ve already got the lead

So why is it that everyone is not using them?

Because there was no easy way to get those leads into your autoresponder. That changes with Ads2List.

Ads2List sends everyone who signs up to your autoresponder 100% automatically.

Yes, people click a button and they are added to your autoresponder. That simple.

Bring fresh responsive leads to your autoresponder lists everyday and sell to them again and again.
Tap into the most powerful lead source on the web – Google. Watch fresh leads coming to you every day.
Single-click sign up reduces resistance and gives you a bigger bang for your investment every time.
Automatic welcome message helps you engage the customer and deliver your bonuses or offer instantly.
Switch on and forget technology brings you leads without you having to work every day.

Want to see it in action? Click on the button below.

What Features Inside Ads2List?

Uses Google Ad’s Webhook technology & APIs for 100% accurate and fast processing.
Run Google lead-gen ads and send leads directly into your autoresponder.
Single setup runs forever. Leads keep pouring in without any maintenance.
Send welcome emails containing access or other details to anyone who signs up.
100% Accurate Google Emails. You can virtually guarantee this is the user’s main account.
Single click signup. Your prospect never has to fill any information.
Connect multiple Google campaigns and multiple Autoresponders.
Get the lead BEFORE the prospect visits your landing page.
100% Compatible with GDPR & PECR
Grab name, email, phone an zipcode.
Easy to use that even complete newbies can do this.

Ads2List Supports Your Favorite Autoresponders

Plus, you get 3 additional offers that will be available only during the launch period.

Limited Time Offer #1
Get Ads2List & Get The Training To Run Succesful Google Lead-Gen Ads

Will you be able to run Google Lead-gen ads with success? Will you be able to grab the leads that matter?

Don’t worry. Teknikforce team will reveal all the secrets. They show you exactly what goes into a successful lead-gen ad.

They show you step-by-step how they work, and what are the best call-to-actions and systems to put in place.

They also show you how to set up your landing page after the ad and no just get the lead, but also sell instantly.

Limited Time Offer #2
Also Get Commercial Rights & Use Ads2List For Your Clients

Every single site owner, blog owner and even offline business owner is looking for more leads and now you can help them using Ads2List.

Get Ads2List now and you will also get a Commercial License which authorizes you to use Ads2List on third party ad campaigns and for comments management for other people.

You can charge them for the service or even give them away free as an add-on to your existing marketing offers.

Limited Time Offer #3
200 CTAs & Powerful Ad Templates That You Can Use For Instant Sales

Take the work out of ad placements. Teknikforce give you 200 readymade effective Google ad templates that you can use instantly.

These templates are in a variety of niches. You can find one for your niche very easily. Just plug them in and start building your list.

Why does Ads2List beat all list marketing methods?

#1 One click sign up – Your prospects just click a button to sign up. Low resistance = more signups = more profits.

#2 It’s scalable – You can scale up your converting offer potentially infinitely and grab 100s or even thousands of leads a day.

#3 Get your leads and send them to landing pages to buy – Yep, grab your lead before you send them to a landing page. Then convert them on the landing page. Sales + Leads… Better than exit pops!

#4 It’s automatic – You set it up once and it just works. People keep getting signed up continuously without you having to look at things again.

#5 It works for every niche – Google has your audience no matter what you’re promoting. Go on, target your audience and grab those leads.

#6 It’s still underutilized – Because Google lead gen ads require a code backup, they are still fresh and your customers haven’t been abused by sharky marketers. You can still grab those leads first!

Don’t wait any longer. You need to see it in action. Click the button and see how it works.

How does Ads2List work?

Ads2List is the 2-step-forget system to grow your list forever, its really simple.

Create a Campaign:

Add the Google Campaigns you want to promote to Ads2List and you’re ready to work with them.

Add Your Autoresponder:

Connect all your autoresponders and it’ll automatically fetch your lists from them.

Google Ad -> List:

Just select which Campaign goes to which Autoresponder List

Let it Pour:

Watch the leads pour into autoresponder lists without you having to do anything else.

Auto Welcome Email:

Set up welcome emails containing your bonuses or any pitch for the fresh subscriber.

Review Anything:

Keep a tab on your subscribers and see how your lists are growing.

Who Is Ads2List For?

Ads2List Will Help You No Matter What Kind of Business You Run

Product Vendor
Get more leads and customers and improve your profits by sending your customers special offers, reminders, coupons, etc.

Make it easy with Google + Ads2List

Affiliate Marketers
Your churn rate is high. You need an address and email source that can be relied upon to bring you unlimited leads.

Google + Ads2List is that source.

Ecom Sellers
Generate leads cheap and sell to them again and again through Email marketing. It’s really easy to bring your leads to your autoresponder with Ads2List + Google

Email Marketers
Stop panicking about shrinking responsive list size. Market to fresh leads everyday with Google + Ads2List

Local Businesses
Reach local people in your area or city through Google and grab their phone numbers. Email them, call them and convert them into customers with Google + Ads2List

Amazon Sellers
Bring relevant customers to your Amazon shop using Google + email traffic. Never fails to work.

Easy with Google + Ads2List

The Special Early Bird Exclusive Bonuses
I Will Offer You If You Get Ads2List TODAY!

BONUS #1: 7 Figure Mastery

Unlike most internet marketing courses out there that covers just 1 or 2 methods… this one has several! Organized into 32 parts, this epic course is all you need to know on how to start one – or MULTIPLE successful 7 figure online businesses!

BONUS #2: Content Marketing Interpreted

Are you bashing your head against the wall because the latest Internet marketing tactic has failed you – again? If you’ve been working too many long hours but have little results to show for it… if you’re spending way too much on marketing and advertising your business… if you’re tired of all the empty promises about achieving online business success.

BONUS #3: Expert Offline Informer

Want to become an expert offline informer? It’s not so hard to do so if you have the tools to do so. With this valuable asset of templates, you’re going to get reports on Facebook, PCC, SEO, and webinars.

BONUS #4: Google My Business

Why Are You Not On Google My Business? With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is huge.

BONUS #5: Prospect List Builder

Here’s The Ultimate Easy Way To Build Your Own Profit Generating Customer Email List On Autopilot. This simple “set and go” system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay

BONUS #6: SEO Video Pro

SEO Video Pro plugin is an advanced video SEO plugin for WordPress which covers all aspects of video SEO. It automatically fetches video SEO details from videos of all major video hosting providers and submits it to video sitemap.

BONUS #7: WP Content Loader

WordPress website owners who want to save time publishing mass amounts of content on autopilot. Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Upload Endless Content To Your WordPress Site and Stop Wasting Time With Copy and Paste Jobs That Take Forever

BONUS #8: WP Lead Filter

With this powerful plugin, you can interact with your visitors in a fun and engaging way while building your email list and filtering your subscribers automatically. There’s a reason social media sites are so popular. They grab the visitors attention, engage them, and get them to take action. They are an active and interactive medium.

BONUS #9: Simple GEO Plugin

Would you like to finally skyrocket your commissions in a laser-targeted way? Great, because that’s precise what you are about to achieve. Allow me a few moments of your time and I will show you One Of The Easiest And Fastest Way To Generate Commissions And Reach Your Audience, VERY Precisely.

BONUS #10: WP Survey Creator

WP Survey Creator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to incorporate a survey feature into your WordPress-powered website. With this plugin, you can create surveys with different types of questions and control how it appears on the page.


WP Copysites

Move articles, pages and settings from one site to another in seconds

This powerful plugin will move your content over to any new site, domain or WordPress installation you have in a matter of seconds.

No need to do things painstakingly

Pinger Jeet

Push your blog article to search engines and get ranked fast

Pick up any unindexed URL, and ping over 30 search engines. This Pinger will get you indexed all over the Internet fast!

Tube Inspector Jeet

Put your YouTube profits on fire with custom ads and optins!

Here’s the best tool to help you monetize YouTube Videos With Ads or Opt-in’s!

Place custom made advertisements and even email opt-in forms on any embeddable YouTube video fast and easy with this wordpress plugin. Get ready to put your YouTube profits on fire with this one!

Social Media Genie

Just started out on FB marketing?

Then set the ball rolling with this short and easy to implement compilation for newbies to get engagement from your newbie FB marketing efforts.

No tech expertise required, no complex and heavy on budget tips or tools. Simply effective and effectively simple tips to set your FB profits rolling.

Auto Articles Wizard

Need content for your lead building work?

Find out how automatic articles can help you get fresh leads without going crazy doing things from scratch

Everything is easier when it’s done for you and readymade.

List Mail Jeet

Mail your leads direct from your desktop PC.

Need a quick solution to mail directly from your desktop PC?

You can use the List Mail Jeet. A quick little software that will help you mail any list very quickly from your desktop PC itself.

Ideal for small mailout jobs to one time lists.

Keywords Goldmine Jeet

Rank with videos on Google & get more organic leads

This powerful application tells you which keywords are open for ranking on Google, so that you can grab them and build your list without paying for ads

And Many Extra Bonuses In Your Member Area!

Does Ads2List OTOs?

Ads2List Elite – $27-$47

Ads2List Pro Upgrade – $67

Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited autoresponders
Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Leads
Universal Adaptor
Readymade sales page for pro

Ads2List Agency – $96

Agency buyers can sell Ads2List to their customers using our funnels and keep 100% of the profits. They also get a readymade sales page to help them sell immediately.

Leads2List Pro – $47

Powerful autoresponder for Facebook comments that has helped generate tens of thousands of sales and leads for its customers.

TubeTarget Pro – $47

Powerful YouTube Ads SAAS that enables YouTube advertisers to successfully use Placement Targeting.

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