20+ Person Marketing Team – Palm Beach

Waterfront-PropertiesIf you visit Waterfront Properties’ corporate office, it will be obvious Waterfront is as much a marketing firm with expert knowledge and a budget to focus on the sale of your property as it is a real estate brokerage.


The last word that could ever be used to describe Waterfront Properties is ordinary. At Waterfront’s marketing headquarters, a diligent and enthusiastic staff works hand-in-hand with real estate agents. Together, they collaborate to expertly market their sellers’ properties and reach buyers all over the world. Don’t assume this is the norm in every real estate office. David Abernathy, Business Manager at Waterfront, says “my colleagues at other brokerages are envious of Waterfront’s 20+ person marketing team because we don’t need to outsource key marketing projects.” The company’s dedicated marketing budget provides the marketing team with the most up-to-date marketing technology, equipment and strategies.

How? Here is a glimpse behind the scenes…


In the digital arena, Waterfront’s in-house photographers, graphic designers and photo editors are highly trained and work with agents to understand home features buyers are looking for. Then the team is able to highlight the best features of sellers’ properties in all marketing materials. Using specific, proven strategies, they’re able to captivate buyers’ interest with photos and designs that make an impact.


In today’s world of digital giants like Amazon and Facebook, Waterfront knows the importance of web dominance. With a dedicated team focusing on the Internet and digital marketing, Waterfront’s websites consistently appear at the top of Google. Their sellers’ properties are promoted on thousands of local, national and international real estate websites and social media channels, creating maximum online exposure for homes to the right audiences all over the world.


Through use of email marketing, Waterfront is able to communicate directly with thousands of potential buyers looking for properties similar to your home’s location and price range. Waterfront’s agents often know about properties before they are on the market which allows buyers to hear about them before they appear in MLS.


Waterfront’s team of production specialists and graphic designers collaborate to create high quality marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, local publications and special mail pieces. Their massive, industrial-sized printer allows the team to create all materials in-house and in a timely fashion.

Behind the scenes, the marketing team assists Waterfront agents to solely focus on quickly connecting sellers and buyers.

Owners/Brokers from many other areas have come to Waterfront to learn from Rob Thomson, Waterfront’s managing partner, about how the marketing team is able to free up agents’ time to focus entirely on finding buyers for their sellers’ properties.

When deciding to sell a property, Waterfront invites you to visit their marketing headquarters to meet with Thomson and the marketing team. They promise it will be anything but ordinary.